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Advice on a good lube?

Advice on a good lube?


I need advice on a good lube to use when i jelq. The one i got now is not good(babyoil).

Cheap brand please? =)


Most guys who try Albolene swear by it. Check it out on Amazon - you don’t need much, so it’s very economical.

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Yes, what Firegoat said.

Albolene. $11.00 US. A jar will last you a year or longer. Never dries out, you can stroke for hours.

Is sold at drugstores in the make-up department, as it is a facial moisturizer. So keeps your dick young looking!

I don’t know if it is sold in Sweden , but I do know it is available in many countries. If you do not find I have a recipe somewhere for a homemade version.

Thanks! I will look it up :)

How’s the clean up with that stuff.

Used baby oil - clean up sucks. Ky- easy clean up but dries out to fast.

I like baby-oil, but maybe just because I’m used to it. The only bad thing is that it’s pretty hard to clean up

Right now I use Olive oil or E45 Lotion for jelqing. Both easy to clean up for me and do the job.

I used to use Vaseline, felt good but you need HOT water and soap to clean it up good which is a hassle.

Originally Posted by sousa17
How’s the clean up with that stuff.

Used baby oil - clean up sucks. Ky- easy clean up but dries out to fast.

Not like baby oil or vaseline clean-up at all.

You just wipe the albolene off with a dry hand towel. A little will stay behind, but that is good because it will moisturize your penis.

Dang. Late to the party again.

+1 on Albolene.

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I honestly have never found anything I like better than good ol Vaseline. Pain in the ass to clean up, but the consistency is perfect for jelqing. I find oils and lotions too slick. I figure, if I’m going to naked and jelquing with something all over my unit, I’m gonna end up in the shower anyway. Once in the shower, Vaseline comes off pretty easy with a couple of lathers. Just my opinion though.

I’ve tried everything previously mentioned, but anything oil or water based eventually irritated my skin. A silicone based lube called Millenium is what I finally found that did not. Cleanup is harder than water based lube, but not worse than oil based. It doesn’t dry up either, so a bottle lasts quite a while.

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