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Advice needed, two months and no gains

Advice needed, two months and no gains

I’ve been doing PE for almost two months and haven’t made any gains at all so I was wondering if any vets could give me some good advice to get me on the right track.

My routine consists of two days on, one day off of 5-10 min rice sock, then two sets of 90 seconds in each direction for the manual stretches and last I do 15 minute wet jelq and I usually do kegels or edging afterwards. I am very consistent with my routine so I just want some advice on where I’m going wrong and I understand this is a marathon and I have no problem with slow gain just as long as they come.

I am not a veteran. I have made minimal gains. I do know that two months in, for me personally, was hardly enough time to understand PE. PE is a skill and it takes time to get good enough at it to start to see gains. I didn’t personally see any gains for almost 4 months. It took a long time to understand how much was too much and how much was too little. It took a long time to understand what a good stretch was vs. A bad stretch, good pain vs. Bad pain.

I would try to concentrate on the exercises and learn as much as you can from your body. Listen to the aches, monitor the way your penis responds. Once you have determined what a positive response is, try to repeat the conditions that brought that response until you no longer see positive things happening.

I know that wasn’t much, but I hope it helps.

Many people don’t start gaining until 6+ months into PE.

As StrawHat said, technique is important and takes time to master.

Time, intensity and rest days are also very important factors and have to be customized according to individual characteristics. To better accomplish this, read this thread.

You have to consider your technique. When you jelq, does the latter half of your unit become engorged? Does it feel tight? If the answer to both of these is no then it’s POSSIBLE that your grip is not tight enough. The opposite is true for if it hurts after wards. Also be careful if you feel a pop ( have experimented alot :] ) After your routine does your flaccid hang appear to be more full? With my routine my grip is tight to the point where my following hand actually remains at the base preventing my the skin from riding too far. How long does your jelq generally take? According to the general consensus here it should be between 3 and 8 seconds. Is your grip consistent? Blood exits the penis on the outside, the idea behind the jelq is to stretch and fill the unit, so your grip should make an “o” shape as close as comfortably possible. Read, study vets routines, look into supplements, quit smoking, get 8 hours of sleep. I have gained 1/2’ in less then two weeks. BUT it took me 3 years to put together my routine. The ONLY thing I do is jelq. Tight and slow for about 45 minutes to an hour. I use vitamin e oil to help prevent stretch marks. And I check the head every few minutes to make sure that it’s not a different temperature then the shaft to keep blood starvation in check. Perfect your jelq, the warm wrap is AWESOME, and don’t give up. I guarantee it’s some small detail your overlooking stopping you from great gains :) . I hope this helps. Keep us updated :) balance is key, yen and yang kind of thing.

Goal 9x6.5

I had a 2 month period in the beginning where I didn’t seem to gain. It goes that way sometimes. :)

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