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Advice from the experienced.

Advice from the experienced.

Hi everyone, I’ve been lurking for a while now and been a member for some time, but have never really took PE seriously before because I’m a bit lazy.

I recently decided to give it another go and I wanted to get your advice…

I want to try and gain an inch in length, but I don’t want to do any hanging or anything like that. I’m currently 7inch’s in length, 5inch in girth and it will be an added bonus if I can gain a little girth on the way. I was wondering if it’s possible for me to gain an inch from just jelqing? 1hour a day…

If yes, how long do you think, from your experience, will it take?

I don’t recommend jelqing in the standard way “everyone” says to do it…especially for a prolonged period, because you can get carried away and do temporary damage that brings your routine to a screeching halt for a few days. But I see real possibilities in the simplest possible approach, which means using just your hands.

I figured just jelqing, for a year would give me an inch. The reason I want to stick with just jelqing is because I don’t wanna do any extreme stuff like bending, clamping etc. It would be nice to have an extra inch, I’m not desperate so the risk of causing damage isn’t worth it, especially as I’m not too small.

Really, I want to do it the safest possible way and also, multiple routines can get a little annoying so thought sticking to one would work over a long period….

Perhaps I’m wrong?

Yes you can. It would be wise to wear some kind of wrap after.. Oh I dunno, like maybe an ace bandage or a penis sleeve.. Good luck!

Are you in a hurry to post in main, Knoblin?

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