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Advice from people who gained big

Advice from people who gained big

Been on the newbie routine for six months now. Suffice to say, I’m not happy that I only gained .125 in. I looked up many threads already and am confused on whether I’m even doing it right! 50=70% erect, 80-90% erect, firm grip, soft grip, everyone has different advice. I figured I’d make a thread asking for help from people who are veterans or people who have made great gains to the tune of 2 inches in a year on what routine to start and how to do it correctly. I spent six months thinking I was doing the right thing. Any advice is appreciated. One more thing is that I cannot purchase lube or Vaseline. I got.. Caught so it’s banned from the house as I live with my parents.

I think erection level better be between 50% and 70%, with a grip just hard enough to push blood through your penis, as firegoat says:

Originally Posted by firegoat
Imagine dipping a smooth stick in runny honey. Imagine using your jelqing finger and thumb to squeegee the honey off the stick. Transfer feeling to penis. Keep trying to imagine that as you jelq.

Patience and perseverance are both required for PE, and not everyone equally gain as fast or as much, I’m sure someone will chime in and give you guidance with your technique, as you only gain after you learn how to actually PE.

As for the lube, you can use cooking oil (sunflower, corn, olive) just be careful as they are hard to clean, and have a distinctive aroma.

Check out BeardedDragon’s big gainers highlights.

Originally Posted by Vcjha
I got.. Caught so it’s banned from the house as I live with my parents.

How old are you Vcjha?

A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.

A well PE'd Penis gives girls the "Wow Eyes"

I :surf: therefore I am

Originally Posted by Behemoth
How old are you Vcjha?

21 in 2011 according to this post.

Weird question

I don’t think you should necessarily look just to big gainers for advice…it doesn’t make sense to compare yourself to anyone who gained two inches in one year (holy shit).

I do agree that there are huge inconsistencies in the information available, even within stuff at simple as newbie routines (some recommend as little as 25 jelqs a day, others as many as 200). I think part of that is just due to how young PE is, but everyone’s body is different, as well. One guy here made insane gains mostly through clamping, while others heavily discourage or even doubt the benefits of clamping.

Do you feel your technique is correct? That’s where I’d start…if you are doing everything the right way, maybe its time to up the intensity.

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Vcjha — it’s not just that you do your exercises properly. It’s also has to do with how much time you’re devoting. Keep a log, and accurate measurements to track your progress.

Forget about gaining 2 inches in 1 year. Personally, I think if anything, that applies to .0001% of the population, or they’re straight out lying. That’s an unrealistic goal. Just my opinion, because the odds are like winning the lottery. When I started, I hoped to gain 1 inch in 1 year. I did manual PE for over a year, and 6 months during that period on an extender (avg 12-15 hrs/week), and gained 1/4 inch. It was actually pretty exciting that I even gained anything, but far from my goal.

So on January 2012, I started to keep a log of everything I did, and became very devoted to my routines. Since then (over 1 1/2 years later) I’ve gained another 1/2 inch, and you know what, I’m ecstatic!! Even though I didn’t reach my original goal, I did gain. My goal again was 1 inch in 1 year, and it has taken 3 years to gain 3/4 inch. If I gave up, I would have nothing to show for my dedication. And by the way, I had no idea how much bigger a 3/4 inch gain would make. I also gained in girth, but that’s a different topic.

I hope this helps.


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