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Advice for scrotum

Advice for scrotum

I am new to PE, started just this week. I’m having a problem, especially when jelqing with the overhand technique. My scrotum gets in the way and I have a tough time gripping the base of my shaft. Does this happen to anyone else?? Any suggestions?

You could always try clamping your nuts between your legs and jelq whilst lying down, or altrnatively wear a ball stretcher to get the nuts totally out of the way. It’s a bit fiddly to begin with but once you get the hang of it they won’t get in the way again!

Example of ball stretcher in my Starter Pics by the way..

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

Yes, it happens to alot of guys. There is a member here who uses a velcro wrap to keep it out of the way. Now I’ll have to go find that pic. :D

I usually just hold it out of the way with the other hand. Of course I do one handed dry jelqs. If you are a two handed jelqer you will have to be creative in the way you approach your grip.

EDIT: Here it is. Check out pics pe5 and pe7 in this thread (first post).

Newbie pictures as promised.


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Hey, just realized the guy in the pics is the guy who replied just before me. Surprised you didn’t suggest that Drilla. :D

EDIT: Oh, I see now that you did. :o I need to go back to bed. Or do what Roussie does and get some more coffee. Oh wait, that isn’t coffee is it Roussie? :gulp:


Wakey Wakey RTG, how about some Pro Plus tablets and some Red Bull, that’ll see you right..

Oh, and the wrap has popper fastening rather than velcro, but will pinch like a bitch without due care!

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

mmmmmm…..Red Bull


I don’t use the OKAY grip.

I use a you type grip where my right hand thumb is on the left side of my penis, index finger on the right side of my penis, and I grip from there in the shower.

I do wet jelqs

Is this right? I have been doing it for 2 weeks and have made some conditioning gains.

As of 5/1/05 BPEL = 6.50" EG = 5.25" 5/20/05 BPEL = 7.00" (This is at the peak right before an orgasm) EG = 5.38" First Goal BPEL = 8.50" EG = 6.25" FL > 5.00" (haven't done PE since about August of 2005)

Getting back into it for a week now, same goals as before, but..

1/10/2010 BPEL = 6.625", EG = 5.25" ... Really wish I did PE for the last 4+ years. Who knows where I would be at.

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