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advice for a not-so-newb

advice for a not-so-newb

Okay community, advice-giving time!.

First off, I should say that I am not a newbie, as I started dabbling in PE around 2006, maybe 2005 though I didn’t start any sort of regimented routine until after I registered here, at the end of 2008. I started my own version of the Linear Newbie Routine at the end of last year and continued until just prior to the beginning of the summer. In that time I worked up from very light stretching and jelqing with few reps, to longer stretches in more directions, with more and heavier jelqs, and eventually to light hanging. I took a decon break of approximately three months and was determined to dedicate myself to following the Newbie Routine properly and completely once I resumed with my PE.

I studied the newbie page and reread the Newbie Routine. It says to start with about 200 jelqs to be completed in about 10 minutes and to gradually increase the amount of time until you reach 30 minutes over a period of six weeks, and I inferred that 600 jelqs are to be completed in that 30 minute time-frame. I followed the routine - two days on, one day off - but started with 50 jelqs and have worked my way up to 300 over the last six weeks, adding 50 each week. I use lots of heat all throughout every step of the process of the routine, and have been very consistent, missing only one day: one week I took two days off instead of one. Though I do take my time - with each jelq taking AT LEAST three seconds, as per the PE three-second-rule - it’s taking me about an hour and a half to complete my routine from start to finish, and 600 jelqs is not only a wee bit daunting but will really eat away at my already packed schedule.

I touched on this in another thread before starting this one and was advised that 600 jelqs is too many; such is my issue/conundrum. I was planning on asking for advice on where I should go from 600 once I got there, but here I am at the half-way mark, wondering if I should continue to 600 jelqs, and if I’ve been moving too fast. If too fast, then what - what do I do? It should be noted that I have good EQ and my dick is handling this easily; I am awoken by my erection almost every single morning and have even seen miniscule gains in these six weeks.

I was about to move onto 350 jelqs from last week’s 300, but want the opinions of the good guys here on the board, especially the ones who have been here for years and have seen similar threads come and go. I do have a few specific questions that may be answered in your replies, so I’d like to read what our members’ advice might be first.

Thanks for reading!

I’d say do less jelq but more slowly, staying on the 30 minutes total if this is working for you.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Sometimes my jelqs may last as long as ten seconds and like I said, always at least three.
Are you suggesting I cut back on jelqs? I feel that that’s counter-intuitive and will not help, especially since I have made it past that point, and even moreso since I’ve seen only positive results so far. Furthermore, I have surpassed 30 minute jelq sessions, so I can’t “stay” at 30 minutes anymore - perhaps this is a minor miscommunication due to our language barrier; if so please forgive me, and maybe try to re-state what you meant using different words - unless you mean to continue on to 600 jelqs.

I took yesterday off so I could read what you guys might think; I’d really like some advice before I continue - and add more jelqs - which is to be later today. I feel like maybe I haven’t been clear enough, yet I don’t know how to further articulate myself. If my issues and questions are at all difficult to understand, please let me know and I will try to word them in another way. I realise that this is somewhat of a selfish thread, probably specific only to me, but I would really appreciate some help here, even it’s just a virtual pat on the back.
Thanks again.

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