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Advice After Two Years

Advice After Two Years

Hello fellow members,

First off moderators feel free to move this wherever it belongs as this is my first post. I’ve been a member and PE’ing now almost two years. My first six months showed great newbie gains. I was extremely happy with the results of the manual newbie routine. After the first six months as expected things really slowed but still seemed like I was slowly gaining.

Now the last few months I haven’t had much time for a real routine I’ve just been doing a few jelqs and stretches daily to hopefully maintain my gains, but It seems I’ve actually lost size and I’m closer to where I started. I want to start back to a fairly intense routine but would like advice. I’ve definitely toughened up and I no it will be harder to gain now. I played around with some pumping and extending. My main goal right now is length. I’m obviously going to hit the stretches hard again but with my current time restraints what’s my best bet? I thank you for all advice given in advance!

How much time during the week can you dedicate to PE?

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Right now I’m working 14-18 hours a day almost everyday. So probably no more than thirty minutes a day and still be able get some sleep. I’ve read almost everything on the forum so I’m aware of all the options out there I’m just seeking advice on how to proceed and hopefully gain.

Working your penis”hard’, especially if you are not in condition, is a disaster waiting to happen. You know this. Why not condition for a few weeks and work as it should be done; with thought.

I still have been doing a few minutes of stretching and jelqing almost daily in the shower. To me my penis feels “tougher” than it ever has. When I was gaining I was doing manual stretches a lot. How do you guys feel a daily hanging routine would fit my situation? Starting light of course.

How is your flaccid state? Is it “rigid”?

This could be an indicator of a “toughened” penis.

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Flaccid is pretty normal, just not as big as when I was gaining.

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