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Advice about a stretch program

Advice about a stretch program

Hello, guys!

A couple of months ago I tried PE for 1-2 months with few injuries and no result. Since then I was very busy, but now I want to restart the exercises. The problem is that I don’t have any “safe” place to do them, except the bathroom when I take a shower. I’m not sure what to do now.

I’m thinking of a few weeks warm-up program, performing only stretches. After that, maybe I’ll find a secure place to continue seriously the work.

But how many stretches? How many seconds? How many times per week? How much pressure? Is the heat from the hot water enough to warm the penis? Is this sufficient and will be there any results? What would you recommend me to do?

My penis easily gets injured, so I hope that this program should prepare it for the following jelq sessions.


What kind of injuries you suffered?

Red dots and weak EQ.

Nothing serious, but I shouldn’t put much pressure:(

Red dots from stretching? Ease up the grip. Weak EQ is a common consequence of stretching and overwork. I wouldn’t call those ‘injuries’, but it seems to show that you are a ‘less is more’ kind of guy. I’d advice the linear routine.

I think that the poor EQ was an effect from the stretch and the red dots - from the jelq.

The problem is that I doubt that I can do the linear routine under the shower - I just don’t have enough time there. Is it possible to do a whole program in ~10 mins without using a lube?

You can break the program, doin for example jelqs in the morning and stretch in the evening, or many micro-sessions daily instead than a long one. You can replace also wet jelqs with dry jelqs - those don’t require lube; but be careful, use very little tension at first and do less of them, because dry-jelqs are way more intense than wet - jelqs.

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