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advanced stretches

advanced stretches

Are Jai’s and V-stretches considered to be advanced stretches?

As a newbie, should I work with regular stretching, progressing in intensity and duration, before moving onto Jais and V’s?

or can i incorporate them into a total newbie routine?

thanks! :D

Hey Silver,

JAI stretches certainly aren’t advanced in that sense. I recall that I personally started doing V-stretches after about two weeks of jelquing and static stretching and didn’t have any problems. So, I wouldn’t think V’s as advanced stretches, if you just listen to your penis.

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Did some research on active isolated stretching.

Seems it’s all the rage these days as a stretching technique in sports as well.

Think I’m gonna do a combo of both static
and isolated stretching, kinda like this:

hot wrap - 5 mins
static stretch (30secs) - 5 mins
jelqs - 10 mins
JAI’s (3 x 15)
hot wrap - 5 mins

does that sound ok, or should I forgo the statics altogether? Read on several posts that it might be better to stretch after jelqs since your cells are already in a state of microtrauma

thanks in advance for anyone that can comment on this! :D

If you ask me, that looks pretty good :) It’s somewhat similar to what I’m doing at the moment (twice a day), but I’m not doing the h/w after the routine anymore, and I do some bundled stretches (DLD) before jelqs.

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