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I’m thinking about starting to use an ADS, I’ve done the newbie routine for several months with little gains. What kind of results can I expect from an ADS? What have you guys expirienced with an ADS?


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Haha I figured someone would say that, I’ve tried it find nothing

I do empathise as even though there a few who use one on here it’s hard to quantify results. Didn’t have much luck with the newbie?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Ted, there are guys that gain from ads. I searched on here for that exact same question, there are a lot of guys that use ads/extenders along with a good stretching routine. I myself have gained .75 bpel with just some hard stretching, and I just bought the vac extender2 to help cement gains quicker. If your not gaining with your hands, step up to harder exercises. As the vets will tell you, the best device is your hands.

09-01-07= 6" Bpel & 4.5" Eg

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Alright, from the newbie routine I gained very little if anything. But I think I might give ads and stretching more time rather than the jelqing. What kind of stretching do you suggest?

Originally Posted by tedlarson
Haha I figured someone would say that, I’ve tried it find nothing

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Recommend? Have a look the tgc theory for starters. My routine has always been dry jelqing and stretching with my hands. I intensify it more and more so my penis doesn’t get used to it. Look at the different types of stretches like fowfers, v & a stretches, I just pull with a hard force in all directions and hold them for 5 minutes each. Then I do 100 dry jelqs. What is your routine? What have you started at and what have you gained?

09-01-07= 6" Bpel & 4.5" Eg

01-2013= 8" Bpel & 5&3/8" Eg

01-2015= 8" Bpel & 5.75" Eg

I started with the basic newbie routine, and slowly increased jelq and stretch time as I went on. I did this for about 5 months with no visible erect gains. My flaccid was better, but that was about it. I think I might try a stretching only routine with some of the various stretches you mentioned. What do you think will be a good amount of time to give to stretching for a start?

Thanks bigtiny I just checked out the tgc theory and it looks like my tunica is what is stopping me. So strecthes would be the best for me right now, hope it works lol

First, what are your measurements? Do you have a big girth? Did you read the tgc and lot theories? Those two helped me. Some guys just need the extra assistance from an ads/hanger device. I just got my vac extender2 and have used it for two days now and hit 7 bpel last night. It isn’t a cemented gain though. I’m still claiming 6.75. You should be conditioned enough that hard stretching may be a route you should take. This is what I do, 10 minutes of heat, DLD blasters, then I hold 5 minute hard stretches in each direction. Up, down, left, right, and straight out. Then I add heat in the middle of it, then 100 to 150 dry jelqs. Heat afterwards. 4 days on 1 or 2 days off. I pay attention to the fatigue too. You should be able to get a hard on afterwards. I’m still working the vac extender into my routine and my penis has to get used to it. When I say “hard stretch” you should feel a real good tug on your ligs but NO pain. Also advance search “westsidetoni” and read what he did. If you really feel like you need an ads, go to or It took me a year before I bought one. I started in September and gained .75 length with only my hands. I will always say that the hands are the easiest and safest way to go.

09-01-07= 6" Bpel & 4.5" Eg

01-2013= 8" Bpel & 5&3/8" Eg

01-2015= 8" Bpel & 5.75" Eg

Also, read the thread “Memento’s Momentous gain method” for stretching. I seriously believe stretching over a rounded surface, as described, is a good thing to do.

regards, mgus

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I’m 6.25 bpel x 4.6 eg, I read the tgc theory and it made sense, I made one of the ads with the therabands, cloth, and belt. I tried it on today, wasn’t half bad, I just need to get the rapping part down a little better. I did stretches for about 20 minutes today. Right left up down and straight out for 1 minute each x2. Then I did some v stretches. A few hours later I got an erection and everything was fine, so I’m gunna stick with this routine for a week or so and then increase it. Thanks for the help so far guys, it’s appreciated.

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