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ADS with ace bandage

ADS with ace bandage

I purchased ace bandages and want to perform an ADS while at class, so I was wondering what is the proper way to wrap it? Do you wrap the bandage around your entire shaft and head when your hard or just when your flaccid but stretched? Can someone help me out?

regards, mgus

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I’ve used an Ace bandage before.. What I did was wrap it just below the head, at the highest point of the shaft (while it’s limp). This way, the head holds it in place and allows for a bigger stretch. Be sure not to make it too tight as to cut off circulation though. Tie the rest of the bandage on your thigh (I usually tie it just above my knee, and keep a high pressure all throughout the day, taking it off for 5-10 minutes every couple hours to restore good circulation and for bathroom breaks. After a while the bandage stretches out a bit though, but still works fine. Hope that answers your question.

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