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Ads, strechers and more

Ads, strechers and more

1. Does it matter if I wear ads for 4 hours a day for 2 days or 2 hours aday for 4 days, I mean.. My question here is does the frequency that I wear it effect only the time and on the long run it is the same growth pace or is the growth pace also slows down (when I’m inconsistent)
2. Is ads enough ? Or will it take me only to some point and then I will have to use also other technicks if I want it to keep on growing?
3.does a streches work on both ligs and tunica? Or is it just ligs

Sorry for the basic questions, tried to look for answers with no luck. Thank you :)

Guys? :)

1. Most of the suppliers say that it does not matter whether it’s 100 days at 2 hours a day or 50 days at 4 hours a day, however, the only study I’ve seen that tested an ADS device and showed results were following the guidelines of every ADS supplier that says start off with low tension, short duration and gradually increase both tension and duration up to around 6+ hours a day over the course of several months. And yes, being inconsistent will be detrimental to the effectiveness of any routine you do.

2. Maybe? Why don’t you try and see and then worry about crossing that bridge if/when you come to it. If anything you’re doing ends up working and you’re growing, then why would you change?

3. Both

Is there some reason why you don’t want to do the newbie routine for at least your first 3 months?

Also, definitely read a lot more. Whatever you end up doing, the key to any routine will be knowledge, consistency, and technique.

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1st of all I’m not new to PE, I started jelqin about a year ago ,there was little growth, plus it took too much of my time (30-40 min) and time isn’t allways availble for me.
Then I bought a penis strecher tool about 4 month ago, I used it about 9 hours a day I sew some nice growth in the first 1-4 weeks but then it stoped and now it doesnt grow anymore.. Any ideas if I should stick with it? Is it useless? What should I do next?

Sorry, I just read your other thread post after I replied. Not only did you answer your own question (gains stopped?), but you got solid advice for how to continue gains (increasing tension). It sounds like you did some jelqing a year ago, then you bought an ADS and wore it for 9! Hours a day, got some results and then they stopped. And you did all this in 4 months? But time is a concern for you, and you don’t have a consistent 30-40 minutes a day for PE? I can’t really think of any other PE option EXCEPT for ADS/Extender type work that would fit those requirements..

You’re lucky so far in that got gains and 2. It sounds like you were able to wear your extender comfortably for long periods of time every day and 3. It didn’t require any dedicated “PE-only” time (where you couldn’t do other things at the same time). Why not follow the advice you already got and be patient, keep increasing the tension, measure accurately at least every month (including BPFSL) and give it some more time?

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Nice posts Illivan.

Cryptic, you use the term ADS. I assume you are using an Extender. I consider an ADS as more or less a sleeve or wrap around your shaft to maintain it in an extended state for extended periods of time. Some ADS devices use light weights ( under 5 pounds) to maintain the shaft in the extended state.

For example, I have a 4X extender with a Vacextender mod which I use for up to 2 hours per session under about 900 gr of tension. At other times, I use the vacuum cap and sleeve without the base and bars with one or two pound weights attached which I can wear for up to 7 hours per session. I consider the former application an extender and the latter application an ADS.

I was wondering if my differentiation is generally accepted or does the term ADS cover both applications and an Extender is just a sub-set of the ADS device?

Originally Posted by dtwarren1942
I was wondering if my differentiation is generally accepted or does the term ADS cover both applications and an Extender is just a sub-set of the ADS device?

I do think makes sense the distinction. An extender holds the penis at a fixed length for a given span of time. An ADS properly said will put the penis under tension for a given amount of time, but not holding it at a fixed length. For example, if you wear small wieghts, after a given amount of time the penis lengthen; beside that, when you move the weigth applies a not uniform tension. A leg strap doesn’t apply a constant tension neither holds the penis at a fixed length for long times - the smallest change in body posture will cause variations in tension and length.

I think an extender will take advantage of stress relaxation more than an ads. Most of people seems to use the two terms as they were the same, though.


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