ADS Questions and Proposals

1. I have the Andropenis, it comes with spare springs, if I put two spring into each chamber will that act to double the tension?

2. After fitting the penis into the sealing sleeve and cap (I’m suing monkeybar’s modified Vac Extender), do you think I could get a different/unique/varied stretch by rotating the penis 180 degree before attaching it to the extender?

3. What, if anything, can I do to reduce the pressure on the area underneath the penis? I’m feeling a lot of pressure here and it makes my balls feel a bit uneasy after extended periods of time (30-40min +). Would mouse pad work? I don’t have any mouse pads and would have to buy one.

4. Do you think it would be possible/worthwhile to wear an autoXleeve while wearing the ADS. I think this would increase blood flow etc and possibly help with relaxation and stretching of the penis. Thoughts?