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ADS question??

ADS question??

Do those of you using an ADS wear boxers, briefs, or go commando? I am contemplating an ADS but wear briefs. I assume I will have to change but to what? Thanks for responses!

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I guess it depends on the kind of ADS you are going to use, also?

I was wondering about the versions that have the strap on the leg pulling the penis down. Thanks

Jan. 2011 BPFL 4 7/8" FG 3 7/8" BPEL 5 7/8" EG 5"

I use a strap and I wear boxers. Any other type of underwear will get in the way of the strap. Or just go commando, that’s the best I guess

I used to wear my ADS with boxers, but the boxers usually started to press down on the silicone cup, making it slip and after some time it popped out.

Nowadays, I usually put on some slack shorts and I´ve found that basketball shorts are the best type of “underwear” to use when wearing the ADS.

Boxer briefs, plus my wife likes how my package fits inside them. She says its cute, which kinda makes me feel like my dick reminds her of a small kitty cat, so not sure if its a good compliment or they make my package look small. Yeah, anyways boxer briefs have worked out fine for me.

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