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ADS pointing upwards

ADS pointing upwards

Hi fellas..

I`m currently using a stretcher, and because of comfort issues I use it pointing upwards under my sweater. Is this ok? I have read on the forum that when do manual stretches, its most important to do them downwards.
Any thoughts anyone?

I`m on the verge of something bigger

Anyone else here wearing the extender this way?

I`m on the verge of something bigger

I think it is better to point it downward or SO (straight out).

I agree with marinera. If at all possible wear it in downward or straight out. Maybe try to alternate SU and SD if if you can and try less tension, if that is affecting your comfort. You don’t need to feel like you are at maximum stretch with extenders.

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A maximum stretch with an extender would definitely be bad. Try .5-1” less than that, it should still work great and be much more comfortable.

Originally Posted by marinera
I think it is better to point it downward or SO (straight out).

Hm interesting do you mind explain why you think its better? Straight out is not an option, and downward is very uncomfortable, especially while sitting..
Thanks anyway for your opinion.

I`m on the verge of something bigger

Because what you want to enlarge is TA (tunica albuginea), which is the envelope of corpora cavernosa. Tunica is tough on the dorsal side of your penis, while is very elastic on the ventral side (the underside), where both sides of the TA are tied together in a teeth comb structure. Pulling upward will focus force on the underside of the penis, with no permanent lengthening effect.

I have started wearing it pointing downward, and its actually not so bad. My main concern is that the silicon string tend to slip of. Does anyone know if you can buy another attachment for the JESextender, I have heard a lot about vacum, is that better for slipping??

Thanks marinera for your explanation:)

I`m on the verge of something bigger

Get some long cotton baby socks, cut off the toe box, and place it over the shaft and glans of the penis. Besides using gauze and medical tape, a baby sock is the easiest way to prevent slippage with a noose.

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