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ADS or Pump

ADS or Pump

So I started doing the newbie routine for about a week and I want to try and speed things up a bit. What would be a better idea/ whats safer for someone new to PE, buying a pump or doing ADS?

Neither! just stick to the goddamn newbie routine at least until you’re done getting your newbie gains. Most of us get a good 1/2 inch in the first 3 months with just the newbie routine.

November 08: BPEL = 6.2

August 09: BPEL = 7.0

Originally Posted by nox99

So I started doing the newbie routine for about a week and I want to try and speed things up a bit. What would be a better idea/ whats safer for someone new to PE, buying a pump or doing ADS?

I second Lambros. Speed is not the route to successful PE. Too much speed and too much stress leads to injuries and curtailed development.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I have hurt my dick so many times trying to speed the process but it has only slowed me down everytime! slow and steady wins this race.

November 08: BPEL = 6.2

August 09: BPEL = 7.0

Get an ADS. It is a great supplement to your newbie routine and won’t interfere with it at all. They are expensive and may appear at first to be way over priced, but I think if you consider what they can do for you if you use them properly, then the price is probably fine. Check out the AutoExtender site, it’s got some really good stuff on there and make sure to read up on it around Thunders so you can make an informed decision.

I got one and I absolutely love it. Even when I overdo it with the newbie jelqing and get some bruises, I can still wear the ADS no problems.

It also really motivates me to do the newbie routine on a regular basis, when I take the ADS off for the last time of the day, I know it’s time to start jelqing, and I haven’t missed a session except for rest days and bruising recovery.

Good luck!

Thanks for help everyone.. I guess I’ll get everything use to the exercises first and then begin ADS.. But when do you think it’s safe to start then? A month into starting PE?

Forget pumping as a newbie. You will injure yourself in less than 2 weeks. ADS is ok though (as a newbie).

There is no reason why he would injure himself in less than two weeks if he was pumping as a newbie and followed the guidelines here. But the consensus here is not to buy anything until at least after three months of doing the newbie routine.

He is into “speeding things up” so I doubt he will follow the guideline.

Well I want to speed things up, but obviously I want to do it in a safe manner. If I know ill get injured going to fast, then I rather not take the chance just yet.

And ben you said 3 month? Wow that seems like a long time. I thought you were allowed to bumped up your routine after 4-6 of newbie routine depends on how it’s going for you?

nox99, at the end of the day you have to decide what is right for you and go for it. The fellas here are just looking out for you because we all want to see each other succeed, and if possible injury free. As long as you are keeping in line with the safety guidelines I would say go for it and you are going to have to pay exceedingly close attention to your PI. You will decrease your odds of achieving sustained gains if you do too much to your penis to early.

In response to your original question the best thing for someone “new” is the newbie routine, but that is not the answer you are looking for. ADS is biased to target length more and pumping is biased to target girth more. With the right routine it is possible to gain both length and girth from both devices, but neither was designed to benefit a newbie the way the newbie routine was. Both devices are a great supplement to the newbie routine once you have progressed a few months. If you are going to use a device from the onset anyway, I would suggest you decide if length or girth is the priority and go that route.

really big. want the biggest.

Thanks sultan, that actually changed my perspective on speeding up things. I guess ill stick with my newbie routine for a month or two.

You’re welcome nox99, I hope you find the results you desire. I am not an expert, but I do know the majority of guys will derail their success early on because of the male tendency to push the envelope. Another month or two shouldn’t be a big deal after living your whole life with the size you’re at now. The gains wont come overnight, but once your dick is well conditioned you can yank, pump, crank, and twist your dick to your heart’s content as long as your PIs are up, up, up!

really big. want the biggest.

Amusingly this reminds me of myself so much and probably alot of guys on here if they’re honest. Been through so many “speeding it up sessions” manic pumping, overpumping, hanging, pumping and hanging, ads, pills and didnt get any consistent results from any of em. Except if you count poor erections although no noticable injuries. All I do now is hang, fits in with my life style. Never got on with jelqing. You’ll find your own way but if asking for advice from these highly experienced guys, listen to it.

Sultan gives good advice. Generally, when it comes to PE, “speeding things up” means “slowing things down”.

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