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ADS, low stretch vs high stretch?

ADS, low stretch vs high stretch?


Since I can’t post it the appropriate forum yet I will post it here.

I quite recently bought an ADS, some cheap copy from China but it works exactly as good as the original (I had the real deal for 3 years ago, never had the patience to use it enough back then) and at first I started to wear it at high stretch. This forced me to strap the dick in real hard and it turned quite cold and blue after just 30 min, so I would have to redo the strap quite alot.

Now I have started to put on a low stretch (like 1 inch more on my flaccid) instead. The advantage of this is that I can have it on for 1-2 hours before I need to re-strap! Now to my question: Does anyone have experience with this? Which alternative is the best?

Bonus question: I read that Mike Salvini used to put on a cock ring right after every PE-workout, to retain more blood in the penis and therefore making it heal faster. He apparently also made an increase from 6 inches to 11 inches (he only has a few old photos and they looked really photoshopped, refusing to take new photos.) However the idea of the cock ring makes some sense, could it be true? Will it heal faster?

I suggest you wear it at a low tension at first and then gradually increase it over time. So, for the first month or so (whatever time frame you deal appropriate) it won’t be straining your penis at all. Over time, as you SLOWLY add length to the extender, eventually the tension will start to be noticeable and increase. That’s pretty much the long and the short of it (tehe).

With the cock ring - no one really knows. I don’t personally believe it’ll make much difference for length gaining. It MAY help for girth stuff, or maybe not.

What Tweaking said.

i don’t think putting the cock ring after an extender, or stretching, can be useful to anything., because you don’t have much blood in your penis at that time.

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