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ADS Kegel Question

ADS Kegel Question

Instead of using my progress thread I figured I would get more attention and a quicker answer this way.

Since one of my main concerns is EQ I am trying more to do kegels, my question is however, should I do kegels while strapped into my x4?

I mean, when I do it pulls it tighter, so it probably helps stretching, I see no reason why it would be bad to be honest.

Starting Length(Late August 8/11): 6.5 BPEL Currently:6.75 BPEL Short term Goal 7in BPEL

Starting Base Girth(Late August 8/11): 5.25 in Currently:5.40 in Short term Goal 6in

I’ve never had any issues with doing kegels while using the X4. It seems like a great time to do them.

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