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ADS instead of deconditioning breaks?

ADS instead of deconditioning breaks?

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I hypothesized that an ADS only routine could be a better alternative to deconditioning breaks when gains slow down.
The constant tension from ADS might rearrange the collagen fibres more quickly than waiting for nature to recreate ideal conditions for new growth.

Does anyone have the experience to prove me right or wrong?

It would be better to gain something during those months off, right?

Decon break means no PE during that time. If you use ADS its not really a decon break.

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I think I have actually just experienced gains during a break! I havn’t really been doing any PE for about a month or more. When I was doing it my length was 6.8/6.9” BP at best. Now… it is 7.2”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe it really, feel VERY lucky! The problem is I don’t want my length to get over 7.4” BP. Yet I want to increase girth(I’m about 5.25” but haven’t measured since stopping PE, probably should!)! Is there a way to increase girth without increasing length, I want to get to around 5.4” girth. Also my flacid stretch length is 7.5”, and EQ is pretty damn good(I’m 18 so this is the norm), does a big difference signify good potential gains(implting the tunica is well stretched)? Also, do you think I would stimulate the CDS of most women with this length, bearing in mind I have next to no fat pad(6.7” NBP). Cheaz guys…

Originally Posted by aom91

Decon break means no PE during that time. If you use ADS its not really a decon break.

I can’t argue with that but my point is to take a break from the PE exercises that have caused the toughening up of the tunica such as jelquing, stretching, hanging etc. and only wear the ADS device, I never mentioned stopping PE altogether.

ADS tired the crap out of my dick, as in took weeks to get normal erections again. You have to reall be conservative with both tension and duration.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

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