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ADS Hold Length Experienced people please


Originally Posted by Mr. Happy
I don’t think there is any real disagreement between us.

The idea is low tension to keep the unit extended while it repairs.

I don’t think there can be a hard and fast rule of plus or minus x number of inches from erect length; that may be useful as a guideline but there is enough variation in physiology that paying attention to ones PIs seems to be only true way of figuring this out.

Ultimately, paying attention to how things respond on an individual basis is the only real way.

The stretch should be subtle, and constant, but nowhere near the duress of a static stretcher or hanging tension.
An ADS should be almost comfortable.

I agree that the is no hard and fast rule, though sensible guidelines may be established. However, I think we are talking about to entirely different approaches. You seem to be talking about using ADSing as a supplement to other methods, eg hanging. I am talking about ADSing more in terms of the primary PE activity… like a static stretcher. The jargon gets confusing here as people use “ADSing” and “static stretcher” to mean different things. This may be the source of the the disagreement. ADSing is somewhat of a new frontier of PE because before monkeybar, god bless his soul, there was no real device that could produce the required tension with the required stealth and comfort.

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Originally Posted by fourofakind
Well you generally don’t wear extenders for a long time… so they are more similar to hanging in theory. Though some people do uses their extenders as ADSs as well, and have been able to wear them under pants.

I completely disagree here, the ADS design is for traction, which is low force over a long period. People do use them differently, yes, but their designed function is for traction.

Originally Posted by fourofakind
Ok sure, I will elaborate. First, how does one measure flaccid length, it seems to vary with the wind?

Take a measurement at room temperature, or take several measurements and take an average.

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What type of ADS would you recommend for an uncut guy? I work at an office and was wondering what you would recommend. I’ve been looking at the Vac ADS from autoextender. Any opinions or suggestions. Right now I’m going for length as much as I can so I am planning to supplement my manual exercises by using an ADS as much as I can especially right after my workouts. Thanks guys.


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