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ADS / Extender

ADS / Extender

I’m currently using the Fastsize extender, but as everyone knows the noose is uncomfortable. I’m wondering what you all use for the end attachment. Is the VacExtender my best bet?

Also, does anyone rotate between an extender and an ADS? I’d like to use my extender all day, but I don’t think it’s too discrete under my work clothes. Therefore I’m thinking I might be able to use one of the leg strap ADSs. That or I use nothing during the day and use my extender at night. Problem with that is I only get about 3 hours of the extender in on weekdays (not even sure this is worth it) and can get the recommended 8 hours on the weekends.

I’m currently using the male edge and even with the rubber strap finding it uncomfortable. So far I have used both the protection pad, the cohesive gauze it provided and material form a handkerchief. All haven’t help so I’ve just ordered off ebay an ADS that comes with a closed off silicone sleeve that I’m hoping to use with the ADS equipment it provided and the male edge, as a form of protection from the rubber strap.

I don’t know how the silicone sleeve would go, but it may also apply to your noose. I’ll post back here once it arrives and I’ve used it. The fact you’ve already got an extender it might be worth buying an ADS if you can to compare. In the mean time My gains (start 1-1-2007) thread has the results from the extender he used

Current routine - LG Hanger, 1 to 1.5hrs a day.

17-04-2017 to 19-06-2017 - 60hrs of hanging.

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