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Ads and hanging

Ads and hanging

Is hanging the same as ads,sorry guys it might sound stupid to some of you but I am a newbie but trust me I am always reading everyday actually,also was wondering whats the easiest and most effecient hanger to make cause I got confused with all these types,I am still doing the newbie routine and will be doing it for a few months and thank god I am seeing gains already just looking to read about hangers and ads cause thats my next step in pe.. Ps I can’t buy hangers cause I live in egypt and customs would prevent anything like that from passing.thanks in advance

I searched but got side tracked and after reading too much about hangers I got really confused besides I am looking for some feedback from guys who tried several hangers,I am not sure if ads alone will produce gains or if it should be hand to hand with hanging also from what I know hanging idea is to apply known stress to the penis with known weights for a known time,why a simple idea of wearing a socket over the penis and tieng it over with something while putting golf weights or stones inside the sock wouldn’t work? Sounds simple to me I will be having weights and the tie will be over the sock I.e no contact with the penis shaft nor stresses on the glans.not sure if it’s a right idea though I am just a newbie ;)

ADS = All Day Stretcher

It’s a device that keeps your penis extended for long periods of time. Hanging and ADS aren’t the same.

Some people hang then use an ADS, others just use an ADS. People have gained just by using an ADS.

The Captains Wench! Do a search, it’s easy to make.

ADS is best used as a supplement to hanging. A sock with rocks doesn’t sound like a great idea, . You will need something that is secure and will grasp the inner structures of your dick and not cut off circulation.

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