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ADS and edging great routine?

ADS and edging great routine?

Okay so in January I made a New Years resolution to kill my social life and get 8h a day with the Penimaster. This lasted till about mid February cause I was on my last band for my PM and it busted. Anyways I went from about 6.75 inches in erect length to about 7.4. Every week or two I’d add little by little. The thing is I noticed it. Like I’d play with myself and I’d notice it look longer, and my hand would move much more up and down. EQ was through the roof, and my dick got way darker, like a dark red color. Veins were popping out and everything. Then after that band popped I was broke and didn’t have a way to order one so I quit and went into a masturbating frenzy. EQ dwindled, and my erect length went back to 6.75 at best. I just got a set of 4 bands in like 2-3 weeks ago and started up again except I haven’t been consistent.

Now keep in mind when I was PMing earlier in the year I was ejaculating once a week, maybe twice. At first I wasn’t really making an effort to edge, I’d just play with myself for a while till I didn’t want to anymore anytime I had an urge, probably 1-2 times a day for maybe 30 minutes total. Then I started watching porn and doing the same thing, but ended up doing that for an hour to an hour and a half. Sometimes I went for 2 hours. Erections felt great and I just seemed to grow better. This past week I had like 4 days of getting 8hours and one day of getting like 5. I been edging consistently each day for about an hour total each day. My erect length shot back up to 7 to 7.1 inches. I can feel it when I stroke it, my hand really moves up and down hehe. These aren’t really bone pressed measurements either. I mean I ain’t got it pressed down hard against the bone but maybe slightly, so it’s pretty much the length of my dick. My bone pressed is probably 7.3 or so. Before this week I did it on and off for a couple weeks and had a few days with 6-8 hours, and I had ejaculated 5 times the week before.

Is this a good routine to gain fast? I mean I did this for a month to a month and a half and gained like .7 inches in length. It got a dark red color and looked really healthy. It also seemed to be consistent. I know a lot of people say gains fade away after time but if consistently keep good tension on your unit for 8+ hours every day and edge and not ejaculate a lot, I don’t see why it couldn’t continue. I hope to continue this for a long period of time to see. I know westsidetoni would gain .5 inches a month doing something like this, except he did a whole bunch of manual workouts with the PM. I’d like to do those too but I don’t wanna mess up what seems to be working pretty well at the moment. I feel that if I do that it may fatigue my dick. Anyways I was just wondering if anyone else here ever did a routine like this before and what were their results?

Hey Mech
I have a PM and I hardly can wear it for more than one hour at time or my glans gets dark and numb. How can you manage? Do you use it pointing which direction? Do you use those silicone tapes that comes along in he kit? How many rings of tension do you normally set it to?

I don’t seem to be able to wear it for more than two sets of one hour per day. It is either too loose and tends to slip all the time or if I increase tension I get cut off circulation. How did you get the right balance? I really would like to get some advice from guys who have been having success using it.

Hey Mech.

Got a question for you. With regards to you gains wearing your PM, you mentioned you went from 6.75” to 7.4”. Was your extender about 7.4” long? Or did you receive those gains while wearing it below you erect length?

The reason I am asking this is because for me to get the most out of my extender is it best to wear it at work. I am 7” erect length and I only want to gain about 0.5”. What makes me think, in order to achieve this, will my extender have to be 7.5” long? Or can one actually gain wearing the extender below erect length.

Having a 7.5” metal rod down my pants might be too revealing.

But anywhoooo, congrats on your gains (Y)

Starting stats: 7" EL x 5" EG Current stats: 7.1" EL x 5.125" EG Goal : 7.5" x 5.75"

Well parada I too can hardly manage an hour at a time. I usually wear it for an hour and take at least a 5 minute break, sometimes I do a quick edging type session to really get the blood flowing back into the penis. I use the straps they give you in the kit. What I do to prevent slippage is grip my penis a little closer to midshaft and I also use a big metal paper clamp thing I got at office depot last year. I’ll see if I can tell you what they’re really called. I clip that to the bottom of the strap to prevent the strap from slipping from the tension as it tends to do. The only problem with this is that when you’re walking the metal clamp rubs the insides of your thighs, so what I did was get a baby sock and fold it over the clamp and it’s pretty comfortable. The only problem really is that you feel like you have 3 legs. I also set it pointing straight down.

Shiby, My penis when in the device from base to head might be about 6.5 inches maybe 6.75. Although I do grip the penis closer to the midshaft so it may provide more tension since it’s puling more than if it were gripped right under the head. Just keep good tension and you should gain. Also, I know there is a debate about ejaculating, but from my own experiences it is best to do it once or twice a week max. I have made all these gains doing this and my dick tends to feel limp with consistent ejaculation.

Hey Mech. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Congrats on your gains.

You really seem quite ingenious. Congrats for that too !

Maybe I am asking to much but do you think you could be kind enough to perhaps take a pic of your set up so to help a fellow dick grower ?

Thanks in advance and if you think it’s to much of a hassle forget it.

I know exactly what you mean when you say you feel like you have a third leg.. My mom asked me the other day if I was having a back problem because I was walking funny.


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