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ADS and curvature

ADS and curvature

Hi everyone. I’m new here at thunders forum, but I have read a good deal about PE and am eager to listen and learn.

My main goal in PE is not to gain massive size (although this would be nice :-) ), it is to straighten out a curvature in my penis. My penis curves to the left and up in the erect state. I want to straighten it out, more so the left curvature then the up, but both would be fine too. The real problem is the curvature in the flaccid state. My penis just doesn’t have a a nice hang, especially when semi erect. It is more curved semi-erect than when it is erect! It also comes out of my body at an angle to the right. Now, in terms of sex, I’m fine. In fact, I’m pretty good (as my sheets, and housemates, can attest too ;-) ). But I just don’t feel comfortable having a girl look at me naked as I walk about the room ( I believe, for good reason, this is why I lost a great girl previously). I really want to correct this problem and would do anything to do so.

SO, my question is, will an ADS do a lot to correct this? And which ADS would be best? I have been looking at size genetics or ultimate extender, with a comfort strap, so I can wear it while I study or read books/watch TV. Are these goods? I’m open to suggestions.

What else can I do?

Thanks for all the help you guys can give me.


I bought the X4 several months ago. If I found this site before then I would never have bought one. Jelqing and manual stretches has already helped just after 7 weeks. The angle that it comes out of your body is probably due to some ligs growing faster than others. Kegels and stretches have helped me to develop a stronger base so the angle isn’t as noticeable. I would definitly try the newbie routine for 3 months before investing. However, if you still want an ADS, the x4 has the comfort strap which is nice. But, I can sell you mine if you want cause I don’t want it anymore. Good luck.

Hi Barkstalk,

I know where you’re coming from. I too have a curve I want to fix - to the left. In fact I guess this is the main reason of my PE. Any size increase would be a bonus. If I can do both at the same time - fantastic!

I also am using a ADS (I use the Penimaster). Have tried the quick extender pro, with the double noose - but this just kills my dick!! At first the Penimaster was real had to use as well, until I figured out a way to wrap (with bandage, Velcro etc) - I plan to post my technique soon.

I’ve also started using a fowfer technique to see if I can fix my flaccid hang and - hopefully - curve. After 1 day’s fowfers I see results already!!

I started a thread detailing my story, pics posted as well. Here -

When I look down I can’t believe it’s my penis Newbie’s experience, with pictures

How do I compare with you?



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