Adjusting the newbie routine

First, I’d like to start off by saying the end of this week will mark my first month of doing PE. So I am very in experienced and would like feedback from anyone more experienced than myself. I have been doing the suggested newbie routine and I am moving up to 15 minutes of jelqing this week and for the next month. I have been looking in to some of the more advanced exercises such as Ulis, clamping and hanging. I have not attempted these yet nor will I for quite awhile due to my schedule and living arrangements. Recently I have been attempting, after my 15 minutes of jelqing, to lightly do 1 minute of Ulis and 1 minute of “clamping” with my hands. I have been doing this out of curiosity of how to perform these exercises without pushing in more than I can handle.

Is it a good idea to slowly incorporate these kinds of exercises into the newbie routine during the second month without it being too involved until after the suggested two months?