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Adjusting a upward curve with PE?

Adjusting a upward curve with PE?

Heya all,

Short noob question
I was wondering if it is possible to “straighten out” your penis?
I have a small upward curve, but when I’m really horny my girlfriend tells me to take it slow because I’m standing a bit rounded.
(with other words, it doesn’t feel comfortable to her.)

So I’m thinking it would be better if my penis was more straightened out..

Are there any exercises suggested for this issue?

Plz forgive my bad English :)
whoa! a spell checker on a forum.. just what I need.. elite :]

A lot of girls prefer it becasue it stimulates the g spot more in missionary position.

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Ah but what about doggy style ? a curve the other way would do well no? You can also hit the g spot depending on her angle to you so use pillows or have her lean back or forward on a reverse cowgirl.

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