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Adding more PE

Adding more PE

OK a bit about me first. I’ve been doing PE for about 2 years. Everything I’ve done has been through self discovery. I’ve added about 1/4 in. During that time, I didn’t feel the need to go bigger as my wife at the time could hardly handel that. She was very small. I’m currently BPFSL 6 7/8 NBPFSL 6 1/8 (most important)NBPEL 6 BPEL 6 1/4 EG 5 1/4. What I want is NBPEL 7 to 7.5 EG 6 I think this should not be to hard to do as I’m conditioned but just never set up a plan to grow more. I have a captions wench hanger, golf weights, a pump, clamps and my hands. So here are my questions. I just started using the golf weights is this something I should increase my time on or since they are so light can I jump right in to having them on as much as possible? Also any advise on the order in which to do the different things would be great. I love clamping, it actually makes me longer and thicker. When clamped I can get my self up to NBPEL 6.5 X EG 6. Sorry for the long post but now that I have a plan and goal I want to make sure I do it the best I can.

What’s your routine like now, GBB?


It has mostly been jeq. Stretching and then I will pump maybe 4 to 5 times per month. This has all been done just to keep things healthy. I just started were 1 day I will jeq for 20 min then pump for 15 min stopping when ever it is just the pump keeping me hard and then going back in when I have a natural erection I will also do 1 20 min set of hanging at 5 lbs sometime during this day. Then on the next day I will hang 4 sets for 20 min at 5 to 7.5 lbs and do 2 sets of clamping for 5 to 10 min. I find the clamping to be great if I keep an erection and pull it longer very softly during the time. I rotate these 2 days about 6 on 1 off is the plan so far. I want to add the golf weights about 8 to 10 hr per day

Anyone? Come on help me out here. I just need to know if it OK to start with the golf weights all day or work up to it? Also any ideas on the order to do things to change my workout would be nice. Thanks

Great routine:
2x15 min clamping. Start with 10 min and let it slowly rise to 15.
10x15 sec horses
10x15 sec Ulis
5x3 min stretching (l,r,u,d,so)
2x3 min inverted v stretch
2x3 min two way stretch
4x15 min JAI stretches
5 min of intense jelqing
5x20 sec amazing isometrics.

My gains are 5cm in length in 16 months and 3cm of girth in 8 months. I believe this is the most optimal routine I was ever using.

Thank you. You were the one to come up with the amazing isometrics weren’t you? That is how I actual discovered PE I was seeing this girl that was crazy with sex and we would honest to god average about 3 hours of sex every day for 4 months. Well when she would ride on top and lean back as I would squeeze my PC. After a bout a month I noticed I had grown some and that’s where it all started for me

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