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Adding a workout to my routine

Adding a workout to my routine

I’ve been doing the linear routine for about 2 months now. It’s really 25-50 (started at 25 now at 50)jelques with light stretching. My warmup is a hot shower and some stretching to make it workable. I really want to add a girth routine since I would think jelquing goes more towards length.

I want to make sure I keep my length gains while getting girth. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have a pretty big fear of losing my length although I really want to increase my girth also!

I started at 6.5 and I want to say my length goes from 7 to some days 7.5.

7.5 is the longest I’ve measured at least.

My girth is 5 inches. My penis looked short although, a little above average because of the 6.5/5. Now, being 7.5 in length I would think it wouldn’t look short as it used to.

Sorry if it’s hard to understand. My gains are more likely less than it seems since I’ve lost about 31 pounds while doing PE too. My fat pad seems a little more slender.


You gained 1” in 2 months with the linear routine?

I’d say you should change nothing; if you want more girth you could do dry jelqs instead than wets, or add a light session of pumping or again 2-3x5 minutes sets of edging with a cock ring.

I think part of the gains was because of weight loss too.

I won’t do anything other than manual workouts. No pumping.
I at least don’t want to lose my natural girth. I’ll look into dry jelqs. Would be nice to find a hybrid workout for length and girth!

Wet jelqs should work both (sligthly more girth, actually). You can change exercises, but if you are blessed for lenght and less for girth, no matter what you do you’ll get more length.

If you switch to dry jelqs, do a lower number than wets: dry jelqs are way more intense and the most important thing is technique - use your skin as a lube, if it is clear what I mean.

I’m pretty sure I get it. 10 dry 50 wet? How’s that sound?

Well, I’m not too sure where to go from the linear routine..

I am still looking for another routine or something to add to this. Still, an even girth/length workout would be awesome.

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