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Acupuncture clinic in Singapore

Acupuncture clinic in Singapore

Hello everyone

I’ve read in this forum that acupuncture can permanently treat premature ejaculation .

Any idea about trustworthy clinic in Singapore .


What image ?

Do a Google search for: acupuncture singapore

I did , but just found only one clinic ,

FYI , Here in Singapore doctors / clinics are not allowed to advertise ( in newspapers , phonebook .. Etc )

Also I’d like to have some feedback from other members .


hi rad70, I’m from Singapore too…

Acupuncture is basically one of the branches in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
In Singapore just started it gain popularity, so maybe it will take a while before anyone in Singapore to know where and which doctors to approach for this premature ejaculation problem.
Afterall this is an embaressing issue for a man to go up to the doctor for help.

In the meantime, maybe you would like to try this:
Try to masturbate until you almost got the urge to eject and you stop.
Rest until the urge is gone and repeat the “masturbate and stop” process for 15mins.

Once I did the “drill” everyday for 2 weeks and my premature ejaculation did improve.

Frankly it requires a lot of discipline and patient while going through this drill, most of the time I just masturbate off in frustration, the horny and wanted to ejaculate urge just too powerful to overcome :p

Good luck :)

Go to, type in acupuncture and click on search: pages from Singapore to filter out all the non-Singapore stuff

There are several listed at places like NUS, THS and others on the first couple of pages.


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