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Actual gain vs. erection improvement

Actual gain vs. erection improvement

First post.. And sorry if this issue has been addressed before..

I am just wondering how much of the reported gains for the first 1-2-3 months are actual gains, and how much are due to the erection improvement? I started PE in 02/2005, and my routines contained much kegeling, and of course I’ve noticed that my erections got better.

Here I am after my first two months of PE, and I have gained 1/2” in NBPEL (from 6.10” to 6.69”) and 1/8” in EG’ (from 4.72” to 4.85”). I am still amazed at the length gain :)

Still, can anyone tell how much of the gain is actual gain versus erection improvement?

I would say mine is 100% gains because I have always been fortunate enough to have an erection so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it. It has pretty much been this way all my life. The only exception is when I have been drinking whiskey or taking pain pills. Other than that, I could use it for a baseball bat.

So, my opinion is that this stuff works and we are NOT just yanking on our dicks for no reason. I have seen wonderful gains since starting Feb 1st of this year.

Cheers to you all. Do good things.


Well as I see it a gain is a gain, The tape measure doesnt lie. Whether its a better erection or gains, its still due to PE. Im sure your SO wont care what its from as long as its longer thicker ect.

started jan 05 5.5X4.5 3-01-05 5.75x5 4-01-05 5.9X5 5-01-05 6.0x5

In my opinion, most newbie gains are erection related, after that I would say gains. The 1-2 inch gains in a month many report just scream that they are better erections from clearing the plumbing. It really doesn’t matter, I’m sure most guys will take a gain. I’m not dismissing better erections at all, but they come in the bag when you you paid Thunder for the program. ;)

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