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Aching pain in left testicle.


If the tubes are slightly swolen on the left and you have ball pain, it could be a varicocele. Thay are most common on the left. I have one of these. I wrote a post here with an exercise to ease the pain:
marky777 - Severe injury

You must go to the doctor to get a diagnosis though. I am lucky in that the exercise seems to completely manage my condition, and I only have to do it once or twice a year now.

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The pain seems to come back every time I jelq. I tend to jelq at very low erection level (20-30%). Could that possibly be why it causes this weird pain? Maybe if I did a higher erection level, it would also allow a better overall grip?

and Crow, I didn’t think it is torsion, but I’m just pointing out that its scary how it has very similar symptoms

Marky I posted the same time you did so I didn’t read what you had to say.

I read your link, and you say that your injury wasn’t caused from PE, but rather the lotus position?

So I just received my results. The doctor said the ultrasound results show no serious effects, however he did say that there is fluid around the left testicle. He said that you are naturally born with it, and with age it tends to go away, however for me it has not. He told me that if it remains until the end of the summer then I need to report back to him. However, I don’t remember ever having this pain before, and has only started recently. Anybody with any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Originally Posted by in78

I read your link, and you say that your injury wasn’t caused from PE, but rather the lotus position?

Yeah, I was not warmed up. I was 16 at the time. Now I’m 43. Whenever I get pain I do the inversion and BANG! like magic it goes away within hours.

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Sorry to revive this thread.

I have been having some pain in my left testicle for a while now, and I think the epidimymis might be enlarged. I have also been getting more serious with the PE, and getting results. I edge a lot during my PE sessions. I think the pain is either from my balls getting knocked around and squished in my pants when I exercise, really bad blue balls from the gains I’ve been getting, or epididymitis.

My question is to you more experienced PE’ers, who have gotten gains and edge a lot: Does a lot of PE and edging predispose you to epididymitis? Is it something I need to worry about. Is it possible for the epididymis to grow without being infected/inflamed, and become a healthier, happier epididymis from PE?

Thanks everybody.

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thecrow19: Pygeum makes me gush precum. Others have said the same thing.


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