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Achieving Harder Erections

Achieving Harder Erections

For about a month I noticed my erections were a lot harder and when I measured they it was about .5 inches longer. Any tips on getting it harder?

Keep doing what you’re doing.



Yeah, change your name. That should do it ;) Either that or stop posting so much!

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Kegels and edging.

Originally Posted by Bird2

Kegels and edging.

What Bird said.

"I don't understand how America doesn't understand Thug Life... America IS Thug Life!"

- Tupac Shakur

So all together now: searching; kegeling; edging (aka ballooning); healthy eating; supplements of which you have a choice of natural (example: horny goats weed, ginko bilboa) and/or artificial (example: viagra); exercise; good porn/booty.

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Watch out for wild sensitivity once you start that (sooner or later, your upper shaft might start being as sensitive as the lower shaft)and hope your BC is strong enough to hold the load back.

Look out for a repetition of this scenario along the course of your PE endeavours:I noticed that my penis could not really stay relatively erect without me watching porn while doing PE.In a bid to trap blood well, I grip way beyond the domains of pleasure so that makes it worse. The erections would always drop if I could not balance concentration with imagination. So here’s what happened. I had been pissed off all week with work, seeing my girlfriend made me even more pissed off, porn had become slime. So after three routines of 20min stretches and 150 kegels on the way to work, PE had to continue.
So I ingested one: No porn! No imagination! Just found myself waiting for the erection levels to drop a little so I could carry out my PE routine safely.

After that work-out there has been less effort, to keep my penis “more aroused than my state of mind” if you know what I mean. At first I thought the drug was still in my system but now I know the only thing I my body is ginkgopan(which has always been there from week one) yet erection stability during work outs hasn’t changed much.

So I’d say, take one in and give it a try with edging. Minimum 45min. STAY at the edge (so just don’t take this stuff in and not really get the dick working. Watch out for a tingle-down sensation at the end).It is also opined that too long an erection leads to Penis starvation: Bear that in mind.

Waiting to hear from you if this was capable of creating a ‘leap-frog’ development/advancement in your erection quality/POWER
Best Regards

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Starvation.. Hm.. Doesn’t the critical part start 2 or 3 hours into the erection?
Besides you can get tingle down feeling even without edging.. I get it everytime I think of my penis growing all by itself (autohypnosis).
Funny I find a commonality to normal PE here after having decided it has to be a sign of growth :)


I am aware of the time gap between damage and MINIMUM 45min. My memory was telling me 4 hours. As I was not sure, I thought it moderate to hint the possibility of starvation so that those new to the information might do a search.However, thanks for the details.

I find what you have just mentioned on auto-hypnosis very interesting. Amazing how everybody is shifting to the different realms. Please give some newbie links,routines and general information and advice on seeking to achieve this ability. Do not worry about stealing the thread as it will still be in line and beneficial to everyone.

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Well it’s been a long way for me to get where I am now, infi..
And I’m not even at the end of my journey as well (why would I PE if I was :P).


Did you do some relaxation exercises, listen to relaxation tapes or some other stuff that puts your mind into a different state than when being awake?
(You know, when you feel yourself relaxing.. easily and naturally.. relaxing completely.. now)

This is the basic state you want to be in.

Just like when you are going to sleep.. there’s just one difference: Your conscious mind (the everyday mind) stays awake while your whole body and mind completely relaxes.. easily and naturally.. while you relax completely.. now… (etc. :P)

From there on it’s really “just” a simple twist in how you perceive reality, meaning:
1. Believe that your dick can grow, just as it did when you were younger.. with all those raging hormons flowing around in your body.
2. Deeply accept that your dick can grow just as easy as it did when you were younger.
And when you got that:
3. Create a nice little movie in your mind (or whatever feels real to you). See, hear, feel and smell (yeah even that if you wish :) ) how much more fun you will have with your new dick. When it has grown to the length and thickness you truly desire.. In a completely natural way.. Being so big.. and strong.. having even healthier erections than you do have now.
4. Make the movie completely real.. Step into the movie you made and feel it become even more real :)
If needed, change the movie of your fully grown new dick so you can accept it even easier every time you step in.. And make sure you feel your dick growing while you are in the movie.. For example just like the tingle-down feeling you (and I and probably more peeps in here).. the tingle-down feeling we all know now.
5. Make sure the movie is very much fun.. After all this shouldn’t be work, but a fun thing to do now :)
6. Step into your movie and take your time (I’d say 10 minutes at least.. which is a very short time if you really are in the movie, alive and kicking [well maybe not kicking ;) ]).

That’s the basic framework for how I got where I am at the moment.

Even if it wouldn’t be growing my dick it’s still a fun daydreaming thing to do :)

Have fun :)


I had to remove some smileys.. Thus editing took too long.. Yeey for automation ;)

— here comes the edit —
And just in case you don’t know that tidbit..
You may create a movie that you can see, hear, feel just like a dream.. or even real life in your head..
None of this “visible” seeing stuff is needed though.

Remember when you were thinking about a hot chick and you instantly felt your dick moving?
These kinda pictures are all you really need.

And make sure you add all kinda details into your movie.
Makes it much more real (and thus believable.. which is the biggest chunk of what’s needed).

And in case you may be lacking some experience in imagining daydream movies:
a) If you have trouble imagining, imagine you are imagining movies in rich detail. Then when you really feel you are into it imagine you are not imagining any more :)
b) You can add all details of your movie at once.. Or you can simply create it.. add in a little bit here and there.. and the next time add some more.. etc.. Someone told me it was easier that way if you maybe, just maybe lack some training in creating pictures, movies in your mind :)

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