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Achey erections, other questions

Achey erections, other questions

Howdy. I am trying to stretch out the left fasculus of my fundiform lig so that my penis (which is itself straight) sticks out perpendicularly from my body. You can read more about it here: Help correcting penis tilt/roll, please

So for the past 3 weeks I have been stretching to the right for 10 minutes every day after showering. I usually feel a light tug in the left side of the lig, and sometimes some soreness in it afterwards. I take these to be good things, although I haven’t noticed any improvement yet. However, the other day I think I overdid it in terms of pressure, and experienced an achey feeling in the penis the next time I got an erection. It wasn’t sharp pain, but rather it felt like the penis was a balloon that was slightly overfilled with water and hurt as a result. So I took two days off, and by the end of the first day felt no ache during erection. However, this morning my morning wood had the same tender, achey quality. However, I have not done any strectching since I thought it was totally healed, so I think maybe the tenderness is caused by too much masturbation and is normal. In other words, maybe I had it before but just never noticed. What is the consensus on achey, tender erections, if there is any?

I guess I am a little hyper about hurting my penis, since I am 100% happy with my penis size and only trying to stretch the lig so it hangs right. Alot of the injury stories on this site have scared me so I am trying to be careful.

Also, should I be stressed at not seeing improvement in 3 weeks? I know that is a short time (I waited much longer to see weight-training improvements) but I’ve seen posts on this site about guys who have gotten significant length gains in a month, presumably from their ligs.

Thanks alot guys, you are the best.


Achey is usually ok, even desirable to some. Sharp shooting pains are more what you should worry about.

I’m guessing you’ve given it some time off, how does it feel since yesterday?

Originally Posted by agfh111
What is the consensus on achey, tender erections, if there is any?

You need to rest it. However, in other words, don’t use it so much, also.



Definitely not sharp shooting pains, but I’ve decided that my rule will be NO PAIN, except for soreness in the ligs. I took Sunday off and within a few hours my penis was feeling perfectly normal, but I took Monday off just to be totally sure; my penis felt fine, in fact very good. Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will start again with light lig stretching, but not with the force or time I was doing before. This quasi-injury has reminded me that no cosmetic improvement is worth doing real damage to my dick.


Yup :) I hear you, man. I took Sunday off in that respect too.

Thanks guys, and may you all have a productive PE year.

PS- By the way, you can add me to the list of people who have made considerable “gains” just by measuring themselves right. I once measured myself with a ruler and got about six inches; but out of curiosity I measured myself today the Thundersplace way: bone pressed and using a string to account for my upward curve. I gained a whole inch! My girth was 5 inches. Granted, BPEL is probably cheating compared to how the Kinsey Report guys did it, but it’s still a nice ego boost! Thanks thundersplace!

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