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Ace Bandage wrap - how safe is it

Ace Bandage wrap - how safe is it

I’ve read a lot on the site about Ace wraps to prevent turtling and just yesterday picked one up myself. It works great and it’s comfortable, so I’m excited about it.

But being Jewish I’m also wary about this whole “excitement” thing so I have to temper it with some fear - will my penis fall off?

All kidding aside.I’m not wearing it too tight, and I’m pretty flaccid when I wrap. But I do want to make sure this is safe. I know that messing with circulation down there can be sketchy. Curious to hear others’ experiences - has anyone had any difficulties using this method? Alternatively, can vets of this technique report extended use without trouble? And any tips or words of caution?

Any and all words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

I would think your best route is to do a search on wraps, and see what comes up regarding ace wraps, - or wraps in general, They are said to improve circulation in arms but whether that can extend to a penis, may be something you will have to try.

But if you go gently and see what the effects are, then if necessary increase the pressure slightly, and keep observing any reaction; you should find by experiment what is the best way of wrappng for you.

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I wrap a lot. Stretch (pull) your dick out straight and wrap *lightly* down to the base and back up a little. The trick is to wrap just tight enough that you don’t shrink in. Until you get used to it, check every half hour. If your head is cold, take it off immediately! Wait an hour to try again. Careful getting in and out of your car since it can get caught and bend (not fun).

The rule is generally, it needs to be loose enough to wear while peeing. Although I would highly recommend taking it off for that as urine tends to get trapped until you sit down or change positions similarly.

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Thanks guys, great advice. Much appreciated.

Is an ace wrap like a mild clamp.

I’ve often thought about wrapping as an alternative to using an anti turtle device.

It makes sense whilst hanging.

Might just try it with plain old bandage.

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That’s weird,i always heard about wrapping but never was fond on what,how to use it.Time to check it out like 17ml.

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