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ACE bandage wrap experiences...

ACE bandage wrap experiences...

I’ve gone back to using the ACE bandage again. Previously I was wrapping the whole length. After further investigation and reading some other threads here, I’ve resorted to using the wrap again, however I’m wrapping only at the base.

Does anyone else here wrap like this and if so, what have your experiences been? This would make sense that it would increase girth, but can it be possible that this would elongate the shaft as well? I seem to have a better flaccid hang with the wrap. I’m wondering if this can be permanent though because it seems even wrapping for hours a day with 5 minute periods of unwrapping to keep circulation going, I still don’t notice permanent gains. I’m doing what I can to increase girth which is what I’m mainly worried about now.

I’d really appreciate if you guys would tell me your experience with wrapping. I’m trying to see if it’s really worthwhile or not or if it’s just basically fluid build up.

I would say that the physics on the wrapping would somewhat match the physics of the extenders. Eventually the penis will conform to it’s environment and due to the bottom half always being large cells will multiply and grow so it will be in a relaxed state being this big instead of straining to be that big all the time.. Who knows maybe I could be full of it. I wrap 24/7 though when I’m not stretching or peeing.

The style wrapping you are doing is more a girth wrap than length. I guess it could help length too, but it’s mainly for girth. It primarily impedes the flow of blood from leaving the penis to produce the larger flaccid that you experience, thus keeping the penis in a swelled state longer.

Crap, where’s that wrapping thread I had. I’ll look for it and post it as soon as I find it.



Thank you very much for that link! I’ll save it in my favorites for quick reference. I appreciate the time you took to find that for me!

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