Accomplishments - Definately got more skin now

Hey all,

Two accomplishments.

I’ve finally cracked 33 hours using the ADS. Let me tell you, that’s a lot harder than it seems. Before ordering, “Oh, yeah 12 hours a day, psshh, easy.” Yeah right!! It is very difficult to do anymore than a few hours.

The last 20, or so, hours are attributed to using a suckextender type cap that I made.

Second accomplishment would be that I have a lot more skin now. Well, a lot more loose skin actually. Before when I clamped I could not move the foreskin over my head. Now it glides easily. Even the skin on the sides seems to be a lot more. When flaccid, there is definately a lot more skin to look like a brass hose nozzle.

I’m not sure if that is good or not.

Anyway, I’ll be opening up a personal daily blog starting next week.

I will be including my exercises (12 weeks worth). Supplementation. PE, including inventions, Ads, clamp, jelq .etc.. .. And whatever else comes my way.

This way we can really see how it goes. Any suggestions and help are appreciated. Please police me as well. Give me hell if I don’t live up to it.

PE and Bodybuilding is such a thing that you really need a Personal Trainer yelling at you.