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Accommodating a harder erection for new volume.

Accommodating a harder erection for new volume.

Accommodating a harder erection for new volume.
I understand that the heading title doesn’t make much sense unless we take it more in depth here on the thread.

This is my current progress with PE:
go_getter - 2G coasting to a sword

I’ve been religiously focusing on PE, and maintaining healthy eating habits. On top of that, attending the local gym has given me even a wider confidence about myself. I can only continue to walk the same path, and see better results.
But by seeing these new results, I have also encountered obstacles as well. In the beginning of PE I have seen dramatic results regarding: increase in length, MEG, BEG, Positive , and especially in EQ.
I’ve been bad at keeping the masturbation levels down a bit. 3 times a week. However, I do think this hurts my EQ, but I cry if I don’t access my joy ride! Holy crap! Do I love masturbating now. Lol.

My question is:
When attaining a larger volume and increase in the Tunica(wider girth, more length?)
Does there need to be an increase in reps regarding Kegels ? To compensate for the larger penis volume that has been currently attained by my previous workouts
Keep in mind, I have gained a couple of inches in both length, and girth. So it would make sense for me to increase my Kegel workout, correct me if I’m wrong please?

As you can notice in my progress log, there is an increase in Kegel repetition. Just giving it a try, and wanted the experts chiming in on this one.

I’m pretty new, but I would think the more kegels you do the better either way. As for needing to do more, I’m not sure but I don’t think that should be the case as the muscle is still being worked, it just may take longer to make it as strong as you require if you do less than more. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Hmmm. From what I noticed, kegeling plays a part both ways. During the actual workouts, kegels are involved for maintaining a proper erection level. So yes! You are correct sir.

However the point I’m setting here is: What’s happening here is the Penis is reaching a new found “state”, a larger volume. To compensate for this larger volume, an increase in blood flow for filling this new previous “state”
Can be reached with an increase in Kegel repetitions. That’s the only thing that makes sense according on what has been read.

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