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Accidental success with multiple disciplines

Accidental success with multiple disciplines


Great site! I have lurked here in the past, then finally joined recently and did nothing. I just a few days ago posted my stats and routine, and decided without reading through all of the excellent posts and numerous resources to share how I came to this point in my life. Forgive me if this post is in the wrong place or not perfect.

My ex had a guy before me who had a huge penis according to her (9-10”). We were married 16 years and had 2 kids. She was slow to orgasm as in 45 minutes at least including vibrators and everything else I could do to get her off. I was lucky to last 10 minutes at best. My ex talked about this huge penis many times with me. She always said it did not matter but kept bringing it up! When we met, my penis was BPEL 6.3” and 5” circumference at the base. Casual measurement’s but relative baseline. My younger brother was well endowed and my father made comments about it as a child growing up. Not only did I feel my penis was small, but I was having real issues with not lasting long enough during sex with my wife to make her orgasm.

In 1998, I discovered Tantric sex. I read a book called “ESO - Extended Sexual Orgasm”, as well as “The Multi-Orgasmic Man” and several others. I was a travelling salesman at the time and had ample time alone to read and practice on my own, privately. I decided to also build my own penis pump at this time. 3” ID tube 10” long which worked great. So, during my long days driving I did Kegels as I drove. At first few and slow.. But within months I was up to hundreds, with as many routines as I could create. I was doing in excess of 1,000 contractions a day within a year.

At the same time, at night in my motel room, I was practicing my tantric routines, and pumping with my homemade pump. I learned Jelqing, used hot wet washcloth wraps in between pumping sessions, and masturbated watching porn while edging. My goal was to get a close to orgasm as possible as many times as possible without orgasming. I did this 3-5 times per week, and did Kegels every single day, for almost 18 months straight. When I finally achieved my first multiple orgasm, I was amazed and my entire sex life changed. I now had control of when I would orgasm, and the first time I had sex with my ex and had several orgasms before finally coming 30 minutes later she was surprised and a little dismayed. We divorce two years later for other reasons.

In that year and a half of near daily routines based on Kegels and Jelqing and Pumping and Edging and learning how to separate orgasm from ejaculation (They are NOT the same thing but TWO distinct bodily functions!) my penis size increased. And my ability to have sex as long as I wanted without coming, keeping a rock hard erection for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour if I wanted, was incredibly empowering! Jelqing increased both my relaxed and erect penis length noticeably, and a little circumference. Pumping increased length, girth and “heft”, although not nearly as permanently. But I enjoyed the “feel” of my penis after pumping, the extra weight and size in my hand. Pumping served as an immediate reward for ALL the methods and hard work I was doing! In all of this my confidence and body image improved greatly. I also learned to give up on ever having a “huge cock”, and rather focused on my slight improvements in size and my most valuable gift to myself and my lovers - becoming multi-orgasmic!

I have since had several partners. All of my partners have had lovers in their past with larger cocks than mine. But every single one of them has LOVED my ability to have as many orgasms as I want and to fuck for as long as she desired. Some have even begged me to stop, worn out from their own orgasms. My record is 17 orgasms while fucking for almost 3 hours with one on a tropical vacation.

The point of this post, moderators willing, is to encourage all of you to look at your penis enhancement and consider the WHOLE you, not just your penis. Several of my lovers have complained about their big cocked lovers, saying they were lazy lovers, relying on their size alone to please their partners. I encourage you to read up and incorporate the training to become multi-orgasmic in your PE routines. One routine fits perfectly with the other, and both benefit from this synergy. As well, if you stall in your gains with one, the other will keep you in the game and focused on the TWO outcomes.

I am back exercising again. Not because I have lost my skills or gains. But because I want to actually get to the 8” mark BPEL. And I know I can do it. Looking forward to trying some of the techniques and methods you have all shared, and to hearing from you and learning new techniques. I will post pics when I get around to it. To our success!

welcome to the posting side and best of luck going forward.

Thank you capernicus1

I don’t believe any woman about their bs ex-lover stories.

They love to make stuff up for attention and play with men.

She will probably tell the next guy your were 10 in.

Originally Posted by zobi112
I don’t believe any woman about their bs ex-lover stories.

They love to make stuff up for attention and play with men.

She will probably tell the next guy your were 10 in.

This is definitely the truth. It’s just a bunch of manipulative mind games. Dint believe it unless you have concrete evidence.

There’s maybe 6 pornstars with that size. Think about it.

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1/17 BPEL 7.75 MSEG ~6.2 BEG 6.75

Size anxiety is the mere response to viewing other males as a threat and the corresponding jealousy it causes. Realize that your feelings are a response to a perceived threat and the anxiety will disappear. My log: Big Booty Extravaganza (and Log)

Welcome back and much success for all of us!


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