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Accessories to help - leather straps etc

Accessories to help - leather straps etc

I was just wondering if there were anything that could help the jelqing process? Being uncut sometimes I find the skin from my ball sack to the shaft gets in the way.

Wasn’t sure if there were any leather contraptions or something similar you see in sex shops that can help? I thought a some sort of leather thong with a hole for the dick to go through would help or a leather ball separator to keep the skin back?

Anyone any ideas?

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I myself just started jelqing this week and am also uncut and have had the same problem. Any advice from the experienced ones out there would be greatly appreciated.

im uncut aswell.. i do the wet jelq.. because of the skin. I think you should try it in the shower with some lubricant, its not hard

good luck

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You can just use the other hand to pull the excess skin back.

Or a cheap hairband from the supermarket, the furry kind made from towel material. Wrap it around your balls to pull them down a bit, and excess skin will be pulled down and out of the way.

regards, mgus

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Does your foreskin cover 1/2 of your glans when it is 50-80% errected?

If So put back your skin just before you jelq. Btw try dry jelqs. 1st place your O shape fingers just below the glans and put back your foreskin as you slide down shaft. Then when you jelq your foreskin goes back up again. Repeat process.

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Also use some lubricant, that always helped for me.

I tried a heavy metal cock ring to pull my balls down out of the way, and it seems to have taken care of the problem. Thanks for your help.

I do all the jelquing actions with holding skin back etc and they work well. Just wondered if there was some little strappy type thing that could sort it quickly and in one go though.

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7"would be heaven, 8"would be great, 9" would be damn fine!

Ye mean one of these? Handy tool the ball stretcher.

Nope I don’t want to stretch my balls, I just got it to keep the boys out of harm while jelqing and it works great. The website I bought this little number from doesn’t stock it anymore, but it would be simple to construct one from leather (or even easier, a strap of velcro - just make sure you’re well shaved). Dimensions are 6 x 1.5”.

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