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Absorbing energy from photos

Absorbing energy from photos

Look at an image, either real or imagined, of a guy you admire because of his large penis. It could be someone from a magazine, video, or a past memory. Imagine floating out of your body and going into theirs, a bit like putting on a new suit of clothes.

With your eyes closed, imagine you now have that body, and look down to see your new larger penis in perfect detail, imagine or pretend how it feels, then when you have experienced that fully, float up and back into your own body taking all the unconscious learnings with you.

I recommend you do this mental rehearsal daily to accelerate your results.

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:| ?

"Debate the idea..."

It’s called visualization and yes, it is a valuable technique.

Yup, visualization is a powerful tool to have in one’s toolbox.

I don’t want to sound negative but what exactly does it do and why does it work?

Originally Posted by dickosaur
I don’t want to sound negative but what exactly does it do and why does it work?

It works on the power of positive thinking, but I can tell from your post it’s probably not for you. :)

Hehe, I’m all for positive thinking I’m just curious. He wrote “accelerate your results” so I’m going to guess it boost your motivation which in turn helps your self discipline which in turn results in more consistent and quality PE sessions which will have an positive impact on your dick size.

Man, I thought the thread title was a typo and you’d be talking about solar power :D

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