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About V-Stretches

About V-Stretches

When doing V-Stretches is the skin supposed to be pulled back? I’m uncirced, so when I do pull the skin back my grip slips, but when I don’t I feel like I’m pulling more skin then lig.

Also, when doing lig stretches, should one feel it in a specific lig area? Or just in the general vicinity to know it’s targeting a lig?
Eg. suspensory vs. fundiform lig

Lig Diagram : tunica&ligs.jpg

Pull the skin back if that works for you but its often a good idea to use some padding. The advantage of pulling the skin back is that you can maybe get a better grip and you know that you are not simply stretching skin.

If you leave the foreskin forward then you are in much the same position as circumcised guys, ie you need to stretch the skin along with the shaft. If you adopt a separate skin stretching routine it may help reduce turkey neck.

>when doing lig stretches, should one feel it in a specific lig area?<
Well you can direct stretches at particular sides: stretch right to target ligs on the left and vica-versa. For the ‘suspensory vs. fundiform’ one of the guys who’s better at anatomy would probably have to answer that, I think its likely to be a matter of stretching through one to get to the other.

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