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About to start the newbie routine

About to start the newbie routine

Hello all, decided to get back into this. Dedicated this time. Now that I have an extraordinary amount of time on my hands.

I want to start the newbie routine. Is it possible to add anything to it like kegel?
I’m also starting this with a new life style change. This is including my diet and working out more to lose weight than anything. (From what I hear losing 15 lbs can add some of your hidden areas of the penis to show) I’m 5’10 and 215 pounds right now looking do drop to 180 sooner or later (200 by November would be amazing)

Would me doing the newb routine while losing weight/gaining muscle effect me at all?

Never underestimate the power of documentation to help you with your dedication.

I have a diet log, a weightlifting log, and a PE log.

It works; keeps me committed.

Mr Wowbob, welcome, and good luck!

I started about 5 mths ago with a similar circumstance. Started going to the gym, eating better, and doing PE all at the same time.

I went from 194lbs to about 174-176 where I seem to be coasting (can’t seem to get lower but I’ll admit my dedication has faded a bit with the dieting and cardio - I also suffered a rotator cuff injury and have stopped weight training for the past 5 weeks), I also gained pretty nicely off the newbie routine for the first 3 mths (most gains came in first 6 weeks I’d say). See stats in signature.

Wish you every success in the world my friend!

Back on Jan 3, 2012 - Stats: FL- 4.5", FG- 4.8", EG- 5.6", EL- 6.1", BPEL- 6.8"

Goal by Jan 1, 2013 - EL- 7.5", EG- 6" -----> I have a LONG way to grow :)

Grow or Die Tryin'

Thanks guys. I should probably make a log.

My stats are 6x5 right now. I have sort of a turkey neck going but it’s not bad when erect. I would love to gain 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth. Anything more would be a treat.

(And that, I know will take a while but I believe I’m dedicated)

Tonight was my first night! It was a bit difficult keeping it semi-hard.

Keep at it wowbob. The gains will come but you have to stay consistent. You will have days like tonight where things are awkward, hard or not quite going as well as you think. But consistency is still the key and trying out new things to see what works. Good luck.

Put a 1 minute warm up after stretching for 5 minutes.

Does anyone read or listen to music while doing PE?

Originally Posted by wowbob

Does anyone read or listen to music while doing PE?


I have a bunch of sexy pics of my wife on a cd. I put it in the computer set to slide show and go to town :D

I just don’t watch it while I’m stretching. Stretching is a “no boner” zone.

It’s difficult to stay hard while Jelquing it seems. At least it didn’t the first day.

Hey wowbob about your erection levels while jelqing - as a beginner you only need 50-60% erection level to achieve the level of engorgement required for gains. I have been jelqing for 6 months and I am only now realizing that jelqing should not be stressful on the member but rather a healthy experience for it. Don’t worry about holding a full erection - if you are completely hard then adding pressure will almost certainly cause damage at an early level.

If you want to prove it to yourself - spend 1 week jelqing for 5 minutes at 50-70% erection ONLY and try another week with 10-15 minutes of full erection jelqing. You will notice that your immediate post-workout hang will either be better or the same for the lower erection level routine and your member will recover within a few hours. Whereas with the latter routine your member will potentially shrink for a few hours and recover very slowly. (I had to learn this stuff the hard way)

Good luck!


I felt a bit sloppy today with jelquing. Warm ups are so great feeling though!

Just weighed myself. 206. I started working last week. I’m going to guess that’s the cause of my weight loss.

203 and it seems like I’m staying there.

Have been doing the linear routine. About to add stretches next workout. Not sure if the weightloss is the effect but there’s a lot more length than there used to be!

199. Been feeling decent. I need a decent beginners girth routine. I’ll still be jelquing through the linear routine doing probably 50 jelqs a workout or so with light stretching. I don’t want to lose any length while attempting to gain girth. I don’t want to look like a stub in the future! I’ve also been taking zinc supplements for boosting testosterone naturally.

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