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About to start PE - Stretching.

About to start PE - Stretching.

Hi guys,

I’m about to start the “Newbie” method in the morning.. I was just having a little ‘practise’ stretch and just wondered when you pull the penis down the skin above (pubic area) kind of hurts, is that just something you get used to!

Do you mean you pull the penis from the pubic area? If you do stretch, you pull from 0.5” behind the glans. If you pull from the base (pubic area), you are pulling the skin not your penis.

No I did pull from just behind the glans, but obviously as the penis is pulled ‘away’ from the body the skin around it will be pulled/stretched too.. In fact this is especially true when pulled to either left or right.

I have stretch marks from when I first started PE. I believe this is because I thought the feeling I was getting was a good stretch, it was actually skin stretching at the top/base of my penis. You should be able to get a good stretch without stretching the skin that much.

Of course your skin will also be stretched slightly, but should not feel the pain at the base.


1. retract your skin with one hand, and make the grip behind the glans with the other hand, it will minimize the stretching of the skin.

2. retract your skin with one hand and hold it tight at the base, and stretch your penis, it is called two-ways stretch, it will stretch your tunica and will give you more gain in long run.

Are you cut or uncut? If You pull the foreskin back first you won’t stretch the skin.

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