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About to lose my faith

About to lose my faith

Hi ya all PE rs!

This is my first post so forgive me if I screw something up. In short: I´ve been doing PE for about 10 months now and gained roughly an inch in length and now my bone pressed length is 6 7/8”. And also if you have any tips how to get rid of the fat in the pubic area, I would be delighted to receive some, cause in my case the fat pad covers about 5/8”. Sorry if I have messed up with the inch marks, but I`m from Scandinavia and we only have centimetres here :D

I do PE 4-5 days a week, and my routine looks something like this

Warm up (sauna or rice sock)

Stretching (with stretching device), 60min

JelQ 20min

Manual streching, kegels

Warm down

Fowfers throughout the day

I don`t want to do clamping, since I find it too risky

Any advices how to boost my length gains? Thank you!

Hi mate,

I don’t understand why you are about to lose faith!?

You have made very impressive gains! I soo jealous about that. :D

I don’t think that changing your routine would be able to improve your speed of gaining length much. I would advise to just continue how you are doing now, because it’s proven to work.

Just keep at it, best of luck!

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I have pretty much the same routine you have but I started hanging few months ago. It worked out great for me and I’m planning on going as long as I reach my lenght goal. If you want to burn fat remember one thing: you can’t burn fat from a specific place. The place you have the most fat is the place where it stays the longest. I burn fat by walking/ running in the morning before breakfast. That is something I recommend for you.

I’m about to start clamping soon so I don’t have any personal experience on that. If you want send a PM in Finnish. I hope you had any help from my 2 cents.

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Don’t loose the faith! Switch up the routine! One inch in length is a HUGE gain anyways. I’ve been PEing for almost 2 years and I have not come close to one inch gain.

When I first read the title “About to lose my faith:, I thought that I’m going to read about a guy who had doing PE for two or three years without any gain. Sorry man, but the title is not appropriate. You already gained 1” in relatively short period of time. Many guys here wish for your gain.

To gain more in length, I think you should use the stretching device for longer time. These devices depend on stretching the penis over a long period of time, so one hour is considered very short time. Try to use it for as long as you can, as long as you don’t hurt yourself.

I have a fat bad of about 1”, although the rest of my body is in good shape. There is no way to reduce this pad except exercises, and ABS exercises mainly. So, I’m going to attend the gym starting from tomorrow. A healthy diet is also important.

Don’t lose faith man, you’re making great gains. If you’re looking to lose that fat pad, focus on your diet. Focus on eating clean, healthy foods. Try to burn more calories than you take in. That will result in fat loss. It’s not really as simple as is sounds, but that’s basically what has to be done.

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Maybe he means he has plateaued for quite some time. If that is the case, it is likely you’ve pushed your ligs to the limit and it is time to focus on the tunica.

As for the fat pad, eat healthy and get in 20-30 minutes of cardio exercise a day, along with some sort of ab exercises and you will be looking lean in just a few months. If I’m out of shape, I can usually drop 10-20 lbs in a month or two by doing this without fail.

Maybe you just need a good 1-2 month decon break. Beyond that, I think you’d do well with some good focused tunica stretching, either A stretch/V stretch or using golf weights.

Hanging, clamping (which can give length), ADS, and pumping are other options. I really don’t find clamping to be that dangerous if you use your brain and follow the advice in the clamping threads.

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Thank you! All of you! This forum actually has kept me going and the stories of homebody’s gains are really inspiring. Lack of motivations gets in the head sometimes but because this forum, I have always found new motivation, and now it happened again!

Keep on jelqing in the free world!


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