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About to get married-need help


About to get married-need help

I just signed up to Thunders and the feeling of community is great. My newbie question is I am about to get married to a virgin of 20 and I am 25. I have always been obsessed with my size and want to be the right size for her. I have been with ten women in my life (between 18-22) and have had varied responses to my size. Some made me feel like a porn star, others added to my complex severely.

My soon to be wife is the smallest woman I have ever dated (5’0 and 100lbs with a thin frame). We are very religious, but she is also very horny, maybe it’s because she’s been waiting 20 years. I see this horniness as a good thing because I read all these threads about no sex when you become married.

Anyways, I have never bottomed out a girl and I only truly felt I was stretching a woman when I used to pump to 7+ girth. I will not pump again, had bad experiences. I want to bottom out with my new wife and I want to give her a good amount of girth without killing her. My hands are small and when I finger her my middle finger (about 3.5 inches doesn’t come anywhere close to her cervix). I am getting married in about 11 months and I need to know whether to PE and what specific exercises. I am 6.5 BPEL and 5.5 BPEG. Thanks for the any help in advance.

How do you get bpeg?

Starting April 2007: NBPEL: 5.75", BPEL: 6.375", EG: 4.75". Have noticed gains just from kegeling (could be natural growth as well) NBPEL: 5.75", BPEL:6.8", EG: 4.75"

You might want to wait to get married, she’ll be satisfied anyway.

After few years, if you see that she’d want it bigger, you can start PE.

Btw, you’re the same size as me :)

Originally Posted by gunnabhuge
I want to bottom out with my new wife and I want to give her a good amount of girth without killing her.

I am getting married in about 11 months and I need to know whether to PE and what specific exercises. I am 6.5 BPEL and 5.5 BPEG.

Well, if you want to bottom out, then it’s time to start getting back into PE. You’ve said you aren’t into pumping, so that’s out. Have you attempted jelqs/hanging/manual stretches before? If not, go for the newbie routine, mate. Be sure to aim for technique as a newbie. Make sure you aren’t rushing your jelqs and be certain that you’re properly engorging yourself. You’ve pumped before, so I can imagine you know what I mean. After conditioning yourself, move on to hanging if you feel it is necessary.

As far as having a good amount of girth goes… you’ve already reached the finish line. If you truly desire greater girth, use the newbie routine until you are very confident in your ability to recognize what your penis can handle (usually 2-3 months with solid dedication) and the add/substitute clamping. After a month of the newbie routine or perhaps even sooner if you’re conditioned from pumping, start adding manual girth exercises like ULIs and Horses (at low intensity for a short period until you’re certain of your technique and conditioning).

Eleven months is a good deal of time to spend on PE and you should see some results if not significant ones. Be sure to not over train in hopes of achieving unattainable gains. Don’t move too fast. PE consistent and PE safe.

If you’re like me, length will come easy and girth will be one hell of a son of a bitch.


Edit: I strongly doubt you have anything to worry about when it comes to your size pleasing your future wife. Best of luck.

"Life's not a bitch. Life is a beautiful woman."

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If she is a virgin then your size will definetly not be an issue for her.

But like Girth and Greed said, if you want to PE, start with the newbie routine. And you could be one of those lucky people who get massive newbie gains.

Best wishes mate!

I too wonder how he gets BPEG :O


I am one of those lucky people ;)

Okish6er, you lucky bastard! But I’m still glad for you.:)

Thanks guys, especially Girth and Greed for taking the time. I’m gonna go for it. I’m somewhat conditioned already, but I’m going to take it slow. Don’t want to get married with an out of commission dick. I know this is a newbie question but is BPEL= beginning penis erect length and BPEG=beginning penis erect girth?

Thanks Thunder, and thanks for the site. I will be donating soon. Now that I’m measuring BP I get a length of about 6.8, if that changes any of your answers. If you don’t mind me asking why is Okish a lucky bastard Chicken?

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I think your girth is fine, Id say focus on length

Originally Posted by gunnabhuge

I am 6.5 BPEL and 5.5 BPEG.

That is right about where I started out and puts you in the upper chunk of average length wise and quite above average girth wise.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Agree with vanishstretch completely. Newbie with emphasis in stretching (moderate but long). If we can grow penis by stretching will it be the same for our tongue?

You only felt you were strechting out a girl with 7+ girth? That must of been one stretched out box.

"Well, people from Tennessee are generaly good at whatever it is they do even though they usually have no clue what they're doing."


Originally Posted by vanishstretch
I think your girth is fine, Id say focus on length

Sounds like a plan, I think I’ll do 2 days stretching then a light day of jelqing and then a day off.

As far as what Matute said - I have had a few stretched ones and a few average ones when I had 7+ girth. Never had a complaint for it being too big as long as there was enough foreplay and this was back when I was nineteen and could go for hours. Only had one really tight one, coincidentally she was very shallow too (wonder if there is a correlation)?

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