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About those PE pills


It seems fairly well written, and the gains he made are impressive, but not completely outlandish (from what I’ve seen here). He mentions a certain brand of pills, and his conclusion is that taking these pills and doing excercises (less intense than the newbie routine) will make your dick grow very well. It does also say that the pills claim is totally bogus.

I thought, “Good Deal! I’m on this boat!”. But then, I looked around some more, and found a few of these fake blogs, mentioning the same pills with the same conclusions (Interestingly enough, they also completely denied the pills “gain 1-3 inches in just weeks” claims).

These guys are getting scary-good at advertising, and it’s horribly confusing. Imagine, refuting your products own claims to sell it better! And pulling off a Google-bomb for the words “penis enlargement”! Thank God I found Thunder’s Place!

WOW. I saw a similar ad and thought that the author was being “un-biased” and honest by taking that approach. That’s a very clever tactic to say the lest…

beenthere, They probably cause an increase in your blood pressure. Have you been checked out for hyper-tension? That may cause headaches because of that. Kegelman MD…lol I hope that’s not the case though, I would’nt wish high blood pressure on anyone since I have it myself.

I haven’t checked my blood pressure when on it. Good idea though, if I take the pills again I’ll monitor it and see if there is a change. Meanwhile my blood pressure is in normal range though could be better.

Chech out there´s lots of information (based on information given on pills homepage, unfortunately) differrent “enlargement” pills

I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman!

anyone here of x-10dz they are on ebay to hot them. i dont think it will work but the price not bad .so just incace.


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