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About the strokes...

About the strokes...

Hi there that’s my first post so be indulgent…especially with my writing :)

I’ve begin PE one month ago with a home made routine, if i could say ….
2/3 mn hot wrap
15/20 mn jelq
10 strech (that works better for me after the jelqing)
2/3 mn hot wrap

With this routine i’ve gain 1/2” in a month in length but nearly nothing in girth.

Finally here comes my question, should i use different kind of strokes (2seconds strokes one day and 4/5 the other) or stay with this routine a little longer?

Depends what you want.

If you want girth, try jelqing with more of an erection - like 80% to 90%.

If your exercise works, don’t change it just yet.


Thx for your response

In fact i’m looking for both, :) so i ask myself if it’s more interresting to do a routine including day “special” lenght and other “special” girth, if someone has tried something like this i would greatly appreciate any advice :leftie:

Go for it!

Let us know the results.


No problem

I will try alternate type and let you know the results (in 2 month i think it would be enough for a test)

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