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About PIs

About PIs

I have read the thread about PIs and EQs and have started to piece together why I haven’t been gaining. I tried switching up the way I work out but I don’t think that will help my PIs, as I constantly have negative PIs. I believe my problem is that I have anxiety issues and irritable bowel syndrome, which gives me bad PIs for most of my waking day. My nut sack is always in a shriveled state because I always feel like I have to crap all the time. And when I don’t feel like I have to crap, I think my anxiety takes over and I have a shriveled up dick all day long.

I know all that talk about PIs and to monitor to see if you’re working too much or too little. I don’t have that luxury because I always have negative PIs that isn’t a consequence of PE. I very rarely experience a normal flaccid hang and I believe this is hindering my gains.

I have been at PE for 9 months on the newbie routine and have tried 45 mins of jelqing and stretching to just 10 mins of jelqing and stretching to try to improve my PI. All that doesn’t seem to be working so far. I am really frustrated because I have been consistent for so long and it bugs me to hear people gain X amount of length in a few months. I know I still have a lot to try and learn and after some more months with the newbie routine without results, I will look into ADS and Hanging.

Am I destined for a small dick? I get so discouraged sometimes but I can’t will myself to quit because I still believe. I just wish I had some concrete answers. And another thing, I have an overactive bladder also. I know this combination can’t be good for penis growth. As of writing this thread, I may think this could be a medical problem and may have to seek medical advice.


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It’s unlikely that IBS or overactive bladder will effect your PE except psychologically, which, to be fair, isn’t to be taken lightly. That being said, I personally recommend looking into an ADS (search for VacExtender and the AutoXleeves), they’ve helped me maintain motivation in the short time i’ve been in the game.

Don’t be discouraged, it sounds like you’re pretty insecure. Keep trying new things :)

Some people on this site are just looking for a bigger dick, most though are working on an overall “bettering” of themselves. I think you might need to focus on the medical issues and work on resolving them to feel better - then work on your penis size to feel better about yourself. I don’t think I would care much about how big my dick is if I was miserable all day.

That being said, in your case I think fowfers might be a good addition to your day. Maybe under the cheek instead of directly back if you have IBS so you don’t aggravate it. Fowfers have really helped me overall and they are an easy addition.

Best of luck to you in all cases!

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