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About newbie routine.


Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Heating while doing PE is pre-Thunder’s Place GM.

I bow to your greater knowledge, O mighty Thunder!


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Mon petit grenouille:

The wrap is a warm-up technique. It softens the tissues of the penis to help prevent injury and encourage faster growth. Guys usually use a washcloth to do this, but any cloth that will hold the heat in will do.


OK so we have just to soak cloth with hot water and to put it on erect penis for 10 minutes is this right??

Mon petit grenouille lol
Est-ce que tu parles bien le français car si oui tu pourrais peut-être mieux m’expliquer en t’exprimant dans la langue de Molière petit canadien ;)

Yes I'm french and what?? :)

One day my dick will be as big as the Eiffel tower ;)

Daboogies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

I heat my flaccid. Had never really thought about heating an erection. Anybody ever heat up their *erection*? Any thoughts on what the results of such an endeavour might be?

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