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About me and your advice please.

About me and your advice please.

Hi every1 I looked PE up a year ago but couldn’t start doing it realy,I had a babygirl and being a fulltime dad it’s been hard to find time but now she’s older it’s easier to have some time to wife knows about me and pe’ing and just rolls her eyes at me cus she says I’m always up to something.I’m a very open person and addicted to sex and!so she’s opend her eyes to everything since we met,she’s great!anyway I come across this site and couldent believe the info and amount of members it’s so good to feel theres such a large amount of people feel the I do.I’m a chatterbox so ill get on with the questions 1.I measure bone pressed and my measurements always come out the same give or take a little,so I don’t know if I’m doing it right,I’m about 13cms near 7inch’s.I’m mainly wanting length about 8 inchs would be great so whats the best method or combined it worth getting a peni master or something similar.4.what day plan would you advise day on day off or 5 days on 2 off.thanku,hope I get help cheers. MEASURMENTS=BPEL=near 7 inchs give or take a tiny bit EG=5.4

Killy, welcome to Thunders and congrats on both the baby girl and a cool wife. Do a search on length gains and you will find tons of information and advise on gaining length. I have been focusing on length for a while now doing a variety of stretch exercises and they are working for me. Also read the forum guidelines as this will aid your integration into the Thunders community.


Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

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You may want to start here Newbie Routine

1 inch = 2.54 cm

You need to take precise measurements before you start so you can see your progress in the future.

Stats (bp) 2004/08/19 8.0 X 5.5" 2005/08/29 8.2 X 5.8" Goal - I am good for now

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Hey killy,

Welcome to the forums! Now explain to me how you got “every1” past the spell checker?

That one is simple. All you have to do is get some free beer and it works.

-Tom “Hokey Pokey” Foolery

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Isn’t 13 cm like 5.5 inches?

5 1/8th, but don’t tell him, you will ruin his day.

Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

Yes, 13cm are 5 1/8th :) (5.5” are 14 cm :D I “defend” my size :D )

Ya realised id measured wrong in Cm’s I’m nearly 7 inch’s,sorry about stretches would be my focusing point for length,cheers!

Hey doubles, try it like this —> Forum Guidelines That way you get the cool smilie and link all in one. And killy, read them twice. Looks like you’ll need it. No chat talk here at Thunder’s. We are all grown educated people (well, for the most part anyway).



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